This page and my YouTube channel are a hobby for me. I enjoy doing them, but it takes a lot of time and I pay for equipment and some hosting. Honestly, I'd prefer to do it full time, but it takes a lot of adsense viewers for that to happen and I'm just not there yet.

Some of my goals include running a nightly radio show with a call in phone number as well as being able to write and publish videos on a daily basis. I also want to eventually get a new computer and a really nice mic.

I've been asked to provide a WishList which I have right here: This list I give to everyone so it isn't just a Spooky Boo list, it is also a personal list. The items that masks, recording and computing equipment, and costumes are for Spooky Boo.

I also take donations over PayPal through either a one time donation or a subscription. As always, the videos are free on YouTube, but if you pay via PayPal you will get honorable mentions on this website and also through levels of advertising. All donations are mentioned on the site. If you do not wish to be mentioned or have a shoutout, please mention this when donating. Thank you.

One-time PayPal Donations

Access to my member site:

scary story member site

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