About Spooky Stories

Spooky Stories is a website for true and fictional scary stories. It is a hobby of mine. I've decided at this point to not take on a lot of writers because it takes a lot of time to produce their work, read the submissions, and I can't afford to pay them. If you like listening to my voice, then keep on watching. If you prefer a male's voice then there are a few channels I suggest off of my own YouTube channel, but the story content will not be the same. I guess it is just personal preference. Most of all, it is about the story.

Personally Written Horror Stories

I have a few fiction stories of my own that I will add to the site. I'm not a professional author, I just like to write in my spare time.

Personal Paranormal Experiences

Some eerie, creepy things have happened in the past and sometimes I will tell you about them. I've lived in haunted houses, had some creepy stalkers and weirdos following me, I've lived in gang infested areas, I mean I've had an interesting life. I like to tell my stories here. I won't tell you if they are from me because the people in the story should remain anonymous and I will use fake names.

Reader Submitted Stories

I will accept stories on any creepy topic whether real or not provided they follow the guidelines. Please write your side of the story in first person unless you feel it is like a documentary then it can be longer. I don't pay royalties for stories, this is a hobby. I like exercising my voice for online voice over projects and I LOVE telling scary stories. You must own all rights to your story and you will continue to own all rights to your story. I will add music, sound effects, etc.

Here is just a bullet list of what I will cover and what I won't cover:

Horror Topics I will cover:

  • Ghosts
  • True Stories
  • Hauntings (houses, etc)
  • Aliens
  • Alien Abductions
  • Shadow people
  • Slenderman
  • Mothman
  • Black-eyed children
  • Other Urban Legends
  • Illuminati
  • Deep web
  • Dark web
  • Psychos
  • Stalkers
  • Just about any subject on the paranormal, weird, obscure, whatever that has happened to you, a family member, or a close friend.

What I will NOT cover:

  • Graphic details of pedophilia
  • Graphic details of rape
  • Graphic details of bestiality
  • Graphic details of genital mutilation
  • Graphic details of snuff
  • Graphic sexual details of certain fetishes. I might talk about what happened, but I will not share the very graphic detail of what happened.

Think of it this way: I know a lot of spooky stories involve such things or are based on a history of such data. I will not describe any kind of brutal abuse that would be intended to arouse people. Does that make sense? This is not a place to submit illicit stories about sex or entertain those who would get off reading them. You can tell a story around the subject matter and mention that it happened, but I don't want to know illicit details that are not relevant. Think of the Miller Law.

Stories from the reddit Free Horror Story archive.

These stories are posted to reddit so we can all enjoy them and pass them around. I will always post the link to the story to give the author credit. I always ask the author for permission unless the permission is stated where the story is posted, but I will always tell the author.

Please Support My Channel

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. By subscribing to my channel you will get the stories a day or so before they are released here. Most stories are posted here, but there might be a few that I choose not to post on this blog such as the showing of The Night of the Living Dead. I might have a story hour with other authors over Google Hangouts--at least I'm thinking about it :)

You may also support my channel by following me on any of the social networking sites that I'm on. I would love to chit chat with you on those sites. Twitter | Tumblr | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram - Follow your favorite or more. Different social networks will have different types of posts. New ones will be added on the sidebar.

Most of all, THANK YOU for supporting my channel and reading or listening to the stories. If you keep listening then I will keep telling more. OK I'll do it anyway, but I like that you are possibly enjoying them :)

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