Sponsored Tiers on Vidme, Blog Changes, and Less YouTube

I know, I've been going through a lot of changes, but that comes with growth. Recently YouTube stopped monetizing and ranking videos they think should be censored. Unfortunately, this hurt a lot of people. They don't give people the option to make money on their censored videos, youtube simply makes them more difficult to find. YouTube doesn't just do this for NSFW videos, which personally I believe should be less available to kids, but for youtube to censor the political and opinion blogs ON EITHER SIDE makes me angry.

My videos, however, are not about politics. Most of the videos I create are probably around a rating where a 13 to 17 year old on up could be watching, which is good because you are supposed to be 13 on YouTube. Of course, we all know this doesn't happen. The videos I create are about horror stories that either I, or someone else, have written. Most of these stories are not in the NSFW category.

While I agree with freedom speech, I do believe in protecting kids from seeing NSFW material which is why I will create a sponsored tier level for NSFW stories. This doesn't mean they are necessarily about sex, this means they might have extremely gory scenes or can be sexual in nature.

I also have a roundabout sponsor for the channel who is also a friend and I think I owe it to him to not put really blatant material out there for all to just view.

So, if you want videos that are completely void of anything except a swear word like damn or hell then subscribe to my YouTube channel because that is all you're going to get there. If you want stories that have more swearing and a bit more gore or mature topics then follow my vidme channel. If you want stories that talk about mature topics that wouldn't want your kid to see, then subscribe to the appropriate level on my vidme channel.*

Again, let me state that I disagree with censoring political opinions and most opinionated shows, but when it comes to material that can be unsafe for kids such as graphic violence, gore, and sex then I am all for putting a price on the sticker.

If you are disappointed in that then I'm sorry, but many parents use the internet and tv as babysitters these days and I will not be the one responsible for hearing their first swear word or hearing a naughty horror story first time.

My blog is going through changes. I'm trying to find the right template, but it seems Blogger, which is owned by Google, is more compatible with YouTube, which is also owned by Google. So, instead of supporting the monopoly, I am going to go to a self-hosted blog when I can afford it. Please be patient through the changes. :)

*Note the differences with youtube and vidme. Following in vidme is the same as subscribing on YouTube. Subscribing on vidme is paying for a certain level of viewership.


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