Changes Because of YouTube's New Anti-Free Speech Policies

YouTube has taken some draconian measures to fight bigotry and hate. While I agree that people who are racist are completely ignorant and rude, I also believe in free speech. I believe that no matter how crazy a person's ideals are, that person has the right to say so. This really isn't what this is all about.

YouTube has recently teamed up with a couple of organizations who pretty much have a one-sided view of what people should be watching and doing. YouTube is creating technology that automatically places movies into what I call "Purgatory" - they are neither in heaven of being viewed and monetized nor are they in hell when they are removed or demonetized. These videos cannot find a place with the already callous advertisers who are sometimes ok with certain movies and shows on tv that are far worse than anything seen on YouTube, but when it comes to the individuals on YouTube, these advertisers are not very friendly with certain types of content. To keep these advertisers around and to appease the loudmouths of everything hipster (SJWs) YouTube has partnered  with companies to limit YOUR speech.

Oh, it doesn't stop there. No. They aren't just demonetizing videos for swearing, adult content, mature content, racism, defamation, etc. No. They are bastardizing ANYTHING that briefly mentions something they hate. Now, personally I don't have the list of what they are chastising creators for, but I can tell you that my views have gone down considerably in the last 2 months from within YouTube internal recommendations. What this tells me is that somehow my videos are hitting the brick wall that YouTube has created that I call Purgatory.

What does this mean?

Get this. This is total brainwashing. This is Orwellian as you've never seen it before. YouTube will flag certain speech in your video the deem "harmful" or "hateful" and then creates a playlist of videos THEY approve of. I have not come across this in searching for any of my videos, but maybe I'm typing in the wrong keywords because something is going on and YouTube has admitted to this. But imagine this....your child comes home from school with a homework assignment to study the Holocaust and its atrocities. Normally they might turn to YouTube to look up information, but instead of giving them appropriate results, YouTube comes up with some playlist they thing little Johnny should be studying instead which might not be something that you approve of.

I personally did not come up with this example, it is on a video complaining about YouTube's new and self admitted policy.

We have already lost a very good horror community content creator because of the lack of views. We are probably about to lose another because his income is down 90%. Yes NINETY percent. Mine, although it wasn't enough to live on yet, went down  75%. Horror channels left and right are turning to Patreon and other methods to help fund their craft.

So something is going on. Something stinks at google and it isn't the bathroom. Or maybe that does too, but probably not as bad.

For these reasons I have decided to censor my videos on YouTube. Whenever you hear a swearword I will put something in its place like BEEP or PEPE or BITE ME YOUTUBE. I don't know. If you want the REAL version of the horror story with all of the blood and gore attached, swear words if included in the story, and all of the screwed up, messed up, horror content then come to my Vid me channel at If you want the watered down version, go to youtube. I am going to make it obvious they are screwing with channel views. This does not mean I am censoring my content to appease their 1984 creepiness, it means I am making a statement and disapprove of their stupidity. 

I'd like to see Stephen King do the same. Will he? Will he truly support free speech? I love his books even though his politics are completely different. As a writer, this movement at YouTube should disgust him. we'll see.


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