My Possible Encounter with Bigfoot

When my kids and I were driving back across the country from visiting their grandmother, we stopped at a hotel right in the middle of nowhere. I believe it was in either Idaho or Montana. It was in a plains area, but there were mountains with lost of trees on the horizon.
The whole trip was pretty strange. I went back to pick up some items from my mom's house so we brought home a little U-Haul trailer with us on the back of a Geo Prizm. U-Haul said that would be fine. I beg to differ. Anyway, everything was fine until we got to the Dakotas. I have always wanted to see Mt. Rushmore so we drive in, which was kind of a pain because we had the U-Haul. Right when we pull into the parking lot, the wind picks up and the sky starts flashing purple and orange. There was lightning and thunder all around us. Stuff like oil and dirt was coming up through the vents in the car. Instead of staying to see what would happen, we booked out of there as fast as we could hauling a trailer.
Next, we ended up at a hotel somewhere between South Dakota and Washington. It was a chain hotel similar to Super 8 and smack in the middle of nowhere. There were mountains and forests off in the distance, but all around it was just flat next to the highway. We went into the hotel pretty late so I'm sure no one saw us check in. There were two beds, the boys had one and I had the other. We all fell asleep watching a movie and at about 3 am my older son and I awoke to the most horrible screeching animal sound we have ever heard. It was a loud, hideous sound and we couldn't place it at all. It almost sounded like a mix between the roar of a lion and the screech of an eagle but LOUD! It sounded lonely, like a howl in the night, but it was no wolf or coyote. I looked out the window and there was nothing around except a humanoid figure off in the distance, in the shadows of the the trees that seemed to lead into the mountains. In the morning when we awoke there was a penny in front of every single door at the hotel.
I quickly forgot about this happening until a few nights later when I was driving into Oregon, I was listening to Art Bell when they were talking about Bigfoot sightings. A man, I don't remember who he was, said he was going to play the sound that he thinks is Bigfoot and when he did I knew that sound immediately. There was not disguising the screech. Whatever it was, we had heard the same thing.
Of course, it didn't help matters when we pulled into the hotel in Oregon the car had been making this strange cracking noise since Montana. One mechanic I took it to said it was the motor mounts, but since it started acting fine I didn't take notice. Then when we got to Oregon someone had slashed our tires on the trailer so we had to stay a few extra nights. During those nights we were getting awful phone calls on the hotel phone. Just disturbing noises with cracking in the background, similar to what my mother had described when she would get calls on our trip to Fort Brag years before. Finally, when we arrived home, the hitch fell off of my car in the middle of an overpass about a mile right before the U-Haul pickup place. Never a dull moment in my life.
I don't know if something was up in the stars with me and that trip, but it is nothing I want to experience again.


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