True Scary Stories | I Swear My Sister is a Demon

Watch the video.

This is an allegedly true story by a listener.

This is a true story and I'm very afraid. My sister and I have always been close. We have never been apart until she went off to college. I'm a few years behind so I won't be leaving for another 3 years. Despite the fact that we are 3 years apart, we are still very close. We share everything from cloths to makeup to even shoes.

Well, when came home last summer she wouldn't share anything with me at all. Nothing. I begged and pleaded. At first she just ignored me and then she started complaining to mom that I wouldn't leave her alone. Then she started keeping really odd hours. She would leave around 10 pm and then not come back until the morning and she'd sleep all day. I told her that she was a slut because she was out sleeping with some guy probably, and she just shrugged and walked away. Had I done that when she still lived here she would have slapped me!

I followed her one night. I knew I would probably get into trouble, but I didn't care. She walked to the corner of the street about a block away then got into the car with a bunch of guys. Creepy looking guys. I think one even saw me because when he turned around he had glowing red eyes and he peered at me. I know I heard the car stop then and I started running. I heard it peel out behind me and I jumped into the bushes then when they drove by they all laughed. I heard my sister yell, "go home little bitch!"

That hurt. Bad. She was never mean like that. So I told mom and mom said that since she was in college and on a scholarship that it is time she figure things out for herself. It is SO frustrating!

Well, I know what she is now. She's a demon. Last night when she came home, those guys dropped her off but it wasn't her who got out of the car. When she got out her legs were longer, her hands were huge and longer. Her hair even looked longer! And then, two big wings popped from behind her back. They shook a few times then went inside of her body. It was then that I really realized she was totally naked and her skin as a reddish brown. Then she shook all over from her hair to her feet and almost magically she was herself again in the clothes that she left in.

I didn't wait. I ran back in the house screaming that she was a demon. Mom came in all concerned when Marjoie walked into the house then told me to go to bed. A few minutes later she comes in and her stomach looked really, really big. She looked at me and burped and her eyes flashed yellow and red.

I ran out and couldn't find mom anywhere. I've been hiding around the house, waiting for mom to come home. I don't want to go out when Marjorie is out there or she might hurt me. I have to find mom though. I'm scared. I don't know where she is.


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