True Scary Stories | Black-Eyed Kids Send My Sister to the Hospital

Black-Eyed Kids Send My Sister to the Hospital

by an anonymous emailer

I don't know how to describe this very well. Last night my mom and dad went out on their normal date so I stayed home to babysit my little sister. They weren't going to go out at first, but she called me at the last minute and I showed up. I felt like I needed to. I don't know why, it was this really weird feeling that I just had to be there.

They left about five minutes after I got there. Debs and I were watching old re-runs of Are You Afraid of the Dark and she was getting a little hungry so I went to go make some popcorn. It took about 10 minutes to make the popcorn and when I came back she was standing there with the door wide open with two little kids around 12 staring at her. I saw the look on her face and it was so scary. She looked hypnotized and sick.

I felt the urge to vomit as I ran closer, but I had to get her away from the door. I told them to go home and when I tried to pick her up and take her hand off the doorknob, she just froze up stiff as a board. She also wouldn't release her grip on the door.

"We only want to use your phone." One of the kids said.

"What the hell did you to her, you little brats?"

My first thought was drugs because she was just unresponsive, but I couldn't figure out how they would give them to her. I thought maybe they gave it to her as candy, but she wouldn't be frozen like this.

I tried to kick the door closed, but her grip was so tight that I almost dropped her while losing my balance.

"We need to call home," said the other kid.

I needed to deal with these kids. I grabbed the phone off of the coffee table, but the line was dead and my cell phone was in the kitchen, too far away for me to grab it and call 911 without leaving her so I thought maybe I could shut the door and drag her with it then lock it.

"Please, let us in."

I looked at the boy who said it, and when I did I felt like I was going to fall down, but I didn't. The room suddenly grew dark all around me and the only focus I had was on his eyes. Those eyes. Those deep black pools of eyes.

"We will get in trouble if we don't call," said the girl.

"Yes, the phone is dead. I must get my cell for you." I couldn't help it. It was like they had me under their control. Before inviting them in, I turned to the hallway and noticed that my sister's hand had dropped from the doorknob. It was at that moment I got control of myself and kicked the door shut. I scooped her up and brought her to bed.

They were still knocking as I covered her and started to dial 911 on the cell phone. Not even 10 minutes later the cops and an ambulance show up. It was weird because the knocking was still going on when they were pulling up, but when they got to the door the kids were gone. I even asked them if they had seen the kids outside and they said no.

She's fine now. They said it was probably just an anxiety attack from the movies were watching, but I know better.


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