True Scary Stories | Black-Eyed Kids Halloween Visit

This story is sent in by an anonymous listener.

When I was a kid I went trick-or-treating every year. I used to wear cute little princess costumes until I got older and dressed in really dark clothes. I really enjoyed it. I still go to work in costumers on Halloween, but this story is about a couple of kids trick-or-treating at my door.

My mom and dad were divorced. He never came by anymore and my mom had to work all of the time. The last I heard he was in jail and that is why he stopped coming over. Mom never told me because I guess she didn't want it to hurt me. The first year she had to work on Halloween. She knew I was going trick-or-treating with my friend Rue and then told me to stay at Rue's house until she could pick me up. I didn't want to do that. There are things about Rue's family that she didn't know. On the outside they look perfect, but her uncle was a pig and I didn't like to be there when he was around and neither did she so I invited Rue over to pass out candy with me.

We had a huge bowl of candy that mom bought before she realized that she had to work. We were there watching scary movies and we were going to watch them all night and get back to Rue's house right before mom got off work. A little bit after 8 pm the doorbell rang. We decided that after this last round of kids we would start walking over to Rue's house.

The knock was strange. It wasn't like a hper little kid, it was slow. The moment I touched the doorknob, I felt like rubber. My legs wanted to give out on me and my mind was screaming DON'T OPEN THE DOOR! I did anyway. I yanked it open and there stood these two kids with the two most emo costumes I had ever seen. Rue started laughing out loud and I wanted to, but something inside said no, don't.

The shot a glance at her and immediately she stopped laughed and sat down, staring at the TV. Then they turned back to me. They looked like farm kids whose bowl hair cuts had been outdated 30 years before. I swear they had all black contact lenses in, or were they? Their eyes seemed to glow black. I don't know if that makes any sense.

I grabbed some candy from the bowl then wondered where their buckets or pillow cases were.

"We need to call our parents." the boy said.

"We must use your phone." the girl said immediately after.

They were way too creepy for me so I tossed the candy at them and slammed the door in their faces. Rue was still sitting on the chair and coming out of whatever was wrong with her  and I was still shaking. We decided to call my mom and tell her that I had broke the rules. Suffering the consequences was way better than dealing with these black-eyed kids.


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