True Scary Story: Murderer Haunted Me in My Home

This story was sent in by an anonymous reader.

It was 3 in the morning when I awoke from this horrible dream. In my dream I was sleeping and someone was walking through our house with a rope. He would go into each bedroom and quietly wrap the rope around each family member's neck until dead. When he got to my room I remember him wrapping the rope around my neck and I started a silent scream while kicking and punching at him. I guess my own screaming woke me up because I heard my parents running down the hall and my comforter and bed sheets were everywhere like I had been throwing them around.

When they realized I was fine and it was just a nightmare they kissed me good night and went back to bed. It was too dark for them to notice what I saw next. I went into the bathroom and saw there were red rings around my neck. I suppose I could have done it in my sleep, but they were bruised and I can't see myself really doing this.

I had similar nightmares a few more times until I stopped sleeping in that room. I begged my mom to change her sewing room with my room. When I finally convinced her that the room was too cold for me, it was always really cold in there, she agreed. Everything was fine until one night she had fallen asleep in that room on her couch and then had a similar dream but I wasn't the victim, she was. The person in the dream held her down by her wrists and screamed at her, threatening to choke her to death. Then when she awoke, she had bruises on her wrists.

We moved not long after. It wasn't until then we found out when the house was first built one of the brothers of the original home builders accused his brother of stealing gold from him. He choked all of the family members, including the children then lived in the house until he died of a heart attack. The neighbors say he was screaming "I'm sorry!" over and over again while they were calling the cops but there was no evidence of foul play. 

It wasn't until some new owners were renovating the house later that it was found out he buried his family under the house.


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