My Favorite Show is Back - Creature Features!

I'm a Creature Features junkie. I remember sitting up on weekend nights waiting for Bob Wilkins to start his show as the corny and sometimes scary B rated movies hit the screen. His skull candle burning on the table while he talked about the history of the actors always left those trails of wax down the outside of the skull, reminding me of the House of Wax.

I was real young, between 6 to 10 years old when I watched the show on the weekend. In fact, the first time I had seen Night of the Living Dead was on Creature Features in the early 70s. By the time John Stanley started hosting the show, I was in junior high and getting into fads and fun that I probably shouldn't have.

When my friend Ken told me that Creature Features was coming back to the Bay Area, I was ecstatic! I LOVE watching the old horror movies as much as watching the new ones. The new host Vincent Van Dahl interviews the most interesting guests who talk about movies they have been in or the different haunts and events around the local San Francisco Bay Area.

So yes, just a little bit of history into why I enjoy horror movies so much. I did take a long break while my kids were young because I am a firm believer that what we do while children are still in the womb and up until teen years physically and mentally effects them. When they were still baking in the oven I wouldn't even read a horror story as I didn't want to send the wrong signal.

Now that my kids are almost all grown I can enjoy all of the great years of horror, thriller, and sci-fi that I missed over the years while they were young and once again dive into one of my favorite past times late on Saturday nights.

Watch the video above and check out the details on the channel to find out if you can pick up Creature Features in your area on Saturday Night.


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