Are You a Puppet for the Government?

Hello Spooky Boo and all friends of things demented...

Here's my story...

For the longest time I've had a strange fear of puppets. I never u understood why, but some people fear clowns, spiders, and close spaces. There's no real reason they just fear them. Last night I had a horrible dream. I woke from it, and I was in tears. I haven't cried in years. I shook and couldn't stand it. As I went to the rest room to put cold water on my face, I felt like something was following. The water felt refreshing. I went back to lay down and started to laugh in spite of it all, you know the uncozy nervous laughter. I fell back to slumber, and it happened all over again, and once more the same sensation. This happened three times until dawns first light. The entire day I tried to get work done, to focus. It never left me, and the anxiety broke me out in a sweat. Then night fell, and once more the puppet dream came back. This time it was different. The puppet said, "Don't you understand? Don't you know me?" I said, "I don't understand anything! Who ARE you?" This limp rag doll had no gender, and dressed in a simple sack cloth gown. Then I looked down at myself as the puppet pointed toward a looking glass. I was suddenly with out form. I lost my indentity. I had no gender and was dressed just as the non-deplume puppet. This THING then spoke, to me. It said, "MY NAME IS Government, I will shove my hand up inside you if you don't talk!" I trembled, and said, "Yes of course you're right, and I always vote." I knew it was a lie I didn't vote. I heard applause and bowed. This creature then curled a smile. It's words still make my skin crawl, "I am called Political Correctness!" The words then came out, "Oh Native Americans, little people, Large persons, I've many as friends!" That sound of canned applause resonated

Wait wait no those are NOT the words I'd use EVER! "Now you will call me DRAMA!"
The words escaping my lips now filled me with disgust. "OOoo did you hear about Mary? She's horrible! She is such a tramp so I hear. I was told by Suze who was told by her cousin she was at the club last week and hit on everyone there!" The claps made my stomach churn.
Even if I knew that person, even if I saw that I wouldn't ever repeat that sort of thing. What's going on? Oh Spooky I was in tears! I begged for release from this thing. "One more lesson then I'll let you go. My name is Terror!" I then felt the drive to say the last thing, "How does it feel to have a hand force others to believe all that you say!?"

Spooky Boo, today I woke up...there's a box in the mail...and I refuse to open it.



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