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Facebook Changes for Scary Stories and ASMR Scary Stories

Just a note, our facebook page has changed to a new page. We will be phasing out the old page as the new one grows. Updated will be on both, but the focal point will be the new page. Please like our page on facebook at Spooky Boo Scary Stories.

Please note that I also have an ASMR page as well. When I have time to begin working on my ASMR channel, this page will be updated as well. Right now I only plan to update my ASMR YouTube page once per month.

Thank you! Have a creepy day :)

Bloody Shovel, A Creepypasta

Never ever touch anything that doesn't belong to you--especially something rumored to be haunted.
This story is a creepypasta found on the Creepypasta Wiki.

My Favorite Show is Back - Creature Features!

I'm a Creature Features junkie. I remember sitting up on weekend nights waiting for Bob Wilkins to start his show as the corny and sometimes scary B rated movies hit the screen. His skull candle burning on the table while he talked about the history of the actors always left those trails of wax down the outside of the skull, reminding me of the House of Wax.

I was real young, between 6 to 10 years old when I watched the show on the weekend. In fact, the first time I had seen Night of the Living Dead was on Creature Features in the early 70s. By the time John Stanley started hosting the show, I was in junior high and getting into fads and fun that I probably shouldn't have.

When my friend Ken told me that Creature Features was coming back to the Bay Area, I was ecstatic! I LOVE watching the old horror movies as much as watching the new ones. The new host Vincent Van Dahl interviews the most interesting guests who talk about movies they have been in or the different haunts and …

True Scary Story: Murderer Haunted Me in My Home

This story was sent in by an anonymous reader.

It was 3 in the morning when I awoke from this horrible dream. In my dream I was sleeping and someone was walking through our house with a rope. He would go into each bedroom and quietly wrap the rope around each family member's neck until dead. When he got to my room I remember him wrapping the rope around my neck and I started a silent scream while kicking and punching at him. I guess my own screaming woke me up because I heard my parents running down the hall and my comforter and bed sheets were everywhere like I had been throwing them around.
When they realized I was fine and it was just a nightmare they kissed me good night and went back to bed. It was too dark for them to notice what I saw next. I went into the bathroom and saw there were red rings around my neck. I suppose I could have done it in my sleep, but they were bruised and I can't see myself really doing this.
I had similar nightmares a few more times until I stop…

Fidget Spinner Addiction

This story is by Spooky Boo

I made a mistake. A BIG mistake! Over a month ago I was surfing through the online classifieds and I came across this free box of stuff that was posted to Craigslist. I sell a lot of things that I get for free from Craigslist on eBay and Amazon. I know it seems like a scam, but it isn't. If people are willing to just give things away, then why not sell them?

The box had a lot of junk that I gave away on FreeCycle, I do that so I can build my customer list. I know, that sounds scammy as well, but these people will take junk off my hands in minutes or buy incredible items when offered. So I keep their emails. Is that a crime? I don't SPAM them. I send a message asking if they would like to be notified. OK? Don't judge me.

While giving away the items and clearing out the box, I came across this thing called a fidget spinner. At first I wasn't sure what it was, but then when I realized that it could spin between my middle finger and thumb at an…

Are You a Puppet for the Government?

Hello Spooky Boo and all friends of things demented...

Here's my story...

For the longest time I've had a strange fear of puppets. I never u understood why, but some people fear clowns, spiders, and close spaces. There's no real reason they just fear them. Last night I had a horrible dream. I woke from it, and I was in tears. I haven't cried in years. I shook and couldn't stand it. As I went to the rest room to put cold water on my face, I felt like something was following. The water felt refreshing. I went back to lay down and started to laugh in spite of it all, you know the uncozy nervous laughter. I fell back to slumber, and it happened all over again, and once more the same sensation. This happened three times until dawns first light. The entire day I tried to get work done, to focus. It never left me, and the anxiety broke me out in a sweat. Then night fell, and once more the puppet dream came back. This time it was different. The puppet said, "Don'…

I Shouldn't Have Tried Crystal Pepsi (creepypasta)

Here is a creepypasta reading about a couple of guys who steal some Crystal Pepsi and a trinket from one of their dad's shed. There is punishment in store--and it isn't the cops. This should be a reminder to not steal from strangers or from your own parents.