The GameVox Creeper

The below message comes from friends of mine from YouTube. Visit Grasp Print and Convela Wolfspirits on YouTube.

Hey Spooky this is Convela, Grasp Print's friend.
I had a creepy experience with him that he said I should share with you.
My age is 23 
Last night Grasp and I were having a late night to early morning chat on my GameVox server. Grasp wanted a snack so he told me he'd  be right back, I heard him walk up the stares of his basement and shut the door. A few seconds latter I hear someone pick up his headphones and a man with a deep raspy voice says to me "I'll be right back" in a very sensual way. Being a victim of sexual assault this awoke a fear I never thought I would experience again. In my panicked state I muted my self and continued to listen to this guy rummage through Grasp's things. To me it felt like a eternity but it was only a few minutes until I heard Grasp come down the stairs again. I was so shaken up I couldn't even talk to him, so I frantically started to send him messages. Grasp assured me no one was down there, but I know what I heard. I swear his roommate was down there somewhere… creeping on us. 

Video coming soon!


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