Frightening Haunted House Story

Back about 10 years ago I moved my family of 3 boys into what would be the nicer side of the town we lived in. Most of the houses on that side of the city were older and dated back to the late 1800s. Some were very beautiful showing the different accents of the time they were built.

The house we moved into was a quaint, 2-story house with two bedrooms upstairs and downstairs sported the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and dining room. There was also a backdoor porch on the side of the house facing the driveway. We lived next to an older, bigger house that had an old candy store next to it, adjacent to our driveway. The rumor is the candy store had burnt down and, after cleaning it out, the owners used it for storage.

We moved in and it went well for a few weeks then one night my oldest son started screaming in his sleep. He started getting night terrors a few nights a week from then on where he would scream and sleep walk at the same time. I would have to help him get back into bed and calm him down. In the morning he would remember nothing about the event.

Then one day my middle son said he was walking up the stairs and felt like someone was pushing him up from behind forcing him to go faster. It was the same night when he swore he heard an old women's voice in his room say "I'm gonna kill you." He would hear random whispering in the room from an old woman and possibly a little girl. We tried to record it on a computer, but all we could hear on the program was static. After a few nights he started sleeping in the loft because he was too scared to sleep in the room.

During the time we lived there we would also have little things happen all of the time. The lights would go on and off by themselves. These weren't just the lights where you could hit a light switch on a wall, these were also lights you had to physically turn the knob to turn them on. The ceiling fan would also go on and off by itself. Then every once in a awhile the front door would open if you didn't put the deadbolt on. The door could have the knob locked and it would just open up by itself. The we could hear a piano playing. At first I thought be might be a neighbor, but we could only hear the piano from inside the house.

Right before we moved, I was sitting in my office which was a small room located off the kitchen. The landlords called it a pantry, but it was bigger than a pantry and there were no shelves, hookups, or anything; It looked more like a storage room except it had a window in it so I turned it into an office where I can work from home. It was a weird little room, but I figured they just used it for storing brooms and cleaning supplies. At night though, it was definitely creepy because as the rest of the house settled, it always seemed like the door would open on its own. The door was directly across from the porch that had a window looking out on the porch and then one from the porch looking directly at the window of the candy store. Sometimes it looked like there were shadows walking around the driveway next to the old candy store.

Then one day my son kept on sneaking up on me and interrupting my work so I put a cheap laser alarm across the floor. It would buzz every time he walked through the office door and he didn't like the noise so it kept him from doing it. Then, I could feel someone watching me and noticed a kid's shadow that I thought it was him. The alarm went off and I turned around quickly but no one was there. I yelled for him to come back to the door, but I heard him down the hall in the bathroom asking what I needed that he would be done in a minute. There was no way he could have made it to the bathroom that fast.

A few days later I was down in the basement doing laundry and as clear as day I heard a little girl's voice say "hi there." I looked all around and no one was around at all. That basement was really creepy. It was always cold, dark, and damp feeling just like a basement would feel like, but it also had weird objects sitting inside crevices in the walls such as a really old box of marbles and other toys. It was the place in the house that had the worst feeling of someone being around.

We also had other annoyances that went on that may or may not be related such as bats coming out in the middle of the day and items like keys and small toys disappearing. All of this could have been simply a coincidence, but still, it was really creeping us out.

I had asked the previous owner what she thought about the house. She said that after they bought it they too heard a piano and had the lights go on and off, doors would randomly open as well as windows. While writing this I realize that we did have a window in the upstairs that would open and shut. These are old style windows that you have push up and this one was always hard to push up, but not when we would find it opened on its own. We would never see it open up, but on days when it was really cold outside when there was no way we would open it, the window would be open.

I did a search online. There is no history of the house of anyone dying, but there are stories about the same kind of strange activity that we had in a house that is either the same house or one on the same street. I can certainly imagine that it is the same place. It has to be.


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