Frightening Ouija Board Experience

A true story sent in by Amber Rivers.

I was just 10 years old when I woke up to a beautiful Monday morning in Orange City Fl. I of course took a shower then ate breakfast and I took a dip in the back yard pool. I had so much fun that day. My foster brother soon followed. He too took a dive in the pool to wake up. We talked about how much we wanted to go see his Aunt. So we got out of the pool dried off and went back to the house. We approached my foster parents and asked if we could go to Foster Aunt Linda. They said yes was as happy as a lark. So we went and got ready.

Two hours later we went to Aunt Linda's house. They decided to have a cook out so we stayed the whole day. The food was amazing to say the least. Later on that night, me and Foster brother found a Ouija board and took it out then began to play with it. We each took turns moving the game piece around. I spelled out the word evil. I thought to my self how wicked. Then it was my foster brother's turn. He, too, spelled out a creepy word; he got devil. Well after playing with the game our foster parents said it was time to go home.

When we got home it was a normal night. I showered, watched TV, and my foster brother played with my Nintendo. Thirty minutes later I went to bed. If  I remember at 8 pm. Later on that night I felt a cold chill go through my body waking me up. As soon as woke up there I saw it, Satan himself. It rendered me silent. I couldn't scream. I couldn't talk. I felt like it had a hold of my soul. I couldn't even move. Then, its ugly hand that looked like a mangled up mess of veins, reached out and covered my face. I was in a fright. I couldn't think right. It finally left, leaving me in a deeper shock. I was then able to scream. My foster parents came in my room asking what is wrong. I explained it: the game Satan. They said it it will be okay now then to helped me feel safe and placed a Bible in my room with a few crosses. Let's say the devil never returned to my room.


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