Followed By a Skinwalker

This allegedly true story was sent in by a listener.

I've been telling my story about being stalked by a mountain lion in town for awhile now, but after reading some of the stories online I'm beginning to think that maybe it was a skinwalker.

We live on the outskirts of a big city and we are surrounded by mountains on all sides. The closest mountains are to the north of us. They're so close that it is just about 5 minutes away by car. We have all kinds of wildlife around here including possum, raccoon, rats, turkeys, bobcats, and even mountain lion. Sometimes we do get reports of the big cats in town.

One night when I was walking my dog from the store, I noticed a shadow cresting on a building. I looked like a shadow of a cat crouching toward some poor mouse, but then I realized its shadow was directed toward my dog and I. The dog started freaking out barking and growling. She might be a Yorkie, but her bark is just obnoxious. I noticed the shadow grow taller and wider, realizing that it probably wasn't just a cat but one of the infamous mountain lions around town. During the drought they seem to come in looking for food and water. Rarely do they ever hurt anyone, but this was late at night and we were pretty much all alone.

I picked up my dog and grabbed a big stick and started waving it around, trying to look bigger than I actually was. As I continued to walk with both dog and stick in hand, the shadow followed. I watched it circle around and then stop somewhere ahead of me. I then cut across the street while walking backward, a little trick I had learned while camping out in the mountains. Supposedly a big cat will not attack while you're facing them. I don't know if there is any truth to this at all, but it was better than running.

Once I cut across I heard a snarl. My dog desperately tried to get out of my arms and tore the skin on my arm several times while wrestling with me. She growled suddenly and a man appeared from where the cougar was. The cat's shadow was gone. He looked a little bleak and sweaty, just a bit disturbing. I asked him if had seen a cat anywhere and he smiled and said no.

I took another route home thinking this guy might follow me. He did for a bit until I ran into some friends. It was really quite frightening.


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