Could It Have Been a Wendigo Released By a Seance?

This story was sent to me by an anonymous email. It is assumed true.

Be careful what you wish for. That is my motto about learning how to speak to the dead. Ever since I was a kid I was always fascinated by psychics. I thought they were all fake, but the way they fooled people excited me. It enticed me to learn more about them. I never understood their method of talking to people, why they would go about it all in riddles. I would laugh while I watched those day time talk tv shows while home sick from school.

It was the early 90s when I started playing with the occult for fun. I would buy into the whole crystal hype because it was cool. I dressed in all black gothic clothes and wear black nail polish. I listened to death metal and 60s music because it was so weird and hip. The preps and jocks hated me. My sister and her stupid bitchy friends laughed at me daily. She never apologized either.

It was okay though--or so I thought. I had found new friends. During the school year everything was chill. We just dressed in all black and did what we wanted. The school really didn't want any problems so they just ignored us. We weren't like the regular troublemakers. We didn't start fights or play pranks on people. Really, all we did was smoke in the bathrooms and get detention for it. Not a big deal at all.

It was the summer when all the weirdness started. We thought it was cool to go visit graveyards and blast our music until the cops came. Then we broke into a mausoleum. That was a mistake. It was rather dusty. No one had been in it or buried for about 50 years I suppose since the last burial was 50 years prior and the dust problem was huge. One of my friends ran home and brought back a broom and a few candles with matches plus a table cloth and a quartz crystal ball her mother bought her for Christmas.

After cleaning the place up a bit and as the sun went down, we lit the candles then shut the door. The grave was a large table right in the middle of the building and it was where the first descendant of the family was buried as it read. We put the table cloth on the grave and then put the crystal ball in the middle. The candles were placed in a circle around us. As we held hands, we all started chanting something silly that we had made up while walking to the graveyard:

"Rise old spirits and speak through us tonight. Tell us who you are. Bring us your treasures and make us rich with knowledge from the past. Rise!"

We held hands and chanted with our eyes closed. It was Tamara who screamed first.

"I felt fingers in my hair," she cried out.

Then something started to jerk her head back. She felt backward and was dragged about 5 feet. We all stopped chanting and I helped her back up. With tears in her eyes, she said she saw a man standing on the table. He was old, with long white hair and a beard. His clothes looked like they were from the 1700s. No one else could see anything, but she started crying.

"The pain! He's showing me the pain of the family through famine in the winter. So many family members dead. Friends. Indians. Dead. Wait. There is a creature.  A big, ugly dear dog like man looking creature. I don't understand what he's saying. He doesn't know what it is, but it took the form of his friend. Wait," she started to sob hard. "It is his friend. He is eating them. The family. The friends. They're all dead but him. They're buried here, in this tomb."

Suddenly, the candles all blew out at the same time and she screamed. We took out our lighters and lit them. Flashes of a strange looking creature about 15 feet tall with a deer's head and body danced around the room. At first we thought it might be an Indian ghost, but it was an animal and it was as gray as the tombstone. It screamed through its bloody mouth then Rachel ran to the door and opened it. The monstrosity disappeared out the door and all was silent.

Tamara's hair had turned white and never went back. She had scratches up and down her arms. The doctors told us that it was probably an animal that scared her and scratched her up. They couldn't explain the hair. She still has nightmares about the creature and sometimes eats like there is no tomorrow but she never gains weight. They took her out of school. I felt really bad. As for all of us, we don't talk anymore. I will never touch another crystal ball or graveyard for as long as I live.


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