Black Eyed Kids Encounter

This allegedly true story was sent in by an anonymous reader.

I haven't told this to anyone before in my life and I'm not even sure that I want to now. I have kept this quiet for so long but it is still as clear as day in my head. I finally want to come forward and tell my story after hearing a couple of your videos. I want to thank you for telling my story.

One night it was really super late. I had just moved in on my own in my own little studio house out on the highway. It was a really cool place out in the middle of nowhere. There was a farmer who owned a few thousand acres and converted an old barn into a little studio with a flat. The rent was really cheap as he really just wanted the extra money to keep his animals fed without hassle and use it to pay his property taxes so it wasn't much at all.

The first month there was great. with the exception of the occasional diesel on the highway, it was relatively quiet. I never had any visitors at all Sometimes it was so quiet that I couldn't sleep so I bought a little noise generator. I had moved from the city so some noises were just natural. With the background noises of airplanes I slept like a baby on most nights. I know, weird right?

One of those nights that I had a really hard time getting to sleep was the worst. It was about 2 am when I finally got up to make a cup of ramen which might put me back to sleep. I put the water in the tea pot and just sat there waiting, zoning in and out while waiting for it to boil. Not long after I heard a knock at the door.

I looked over at my pup, Bix. He was cuddled up behind the bookcase refusing to come out. Normally he would be barking his little head off which I would have preferred this time of night but no chance of that happened. I started to grab my rifle, but when I reached for it an unease hit my stomach. I don't know, it was like something warning me not to get it. At first I though it was my instincts knowing that it might be a cop with an emergency who might feel threatened by the gun until I opened the door.

There stood two tweens around 11 years old. It was a boy and a girl. They were dressed in some really drab clothes. At first I thought they might be Amish, but I know Amish people would never let the children out at this time of night. Deep down inside I wanted to grab the rifle on the other side of the commode, but whenever I looked at it my stomach churned. I stood there dumbfounded until one of them spoke. I couldn't tell which one it was.

"Let us in."

I immediately looked at these kids. What were they doing out this late? This time the girl spoke, "We need to use your phone to call our parents."

Something was off. I looked at their faces wondering if it was a prank. It reminded me of the last Criminal Minds show I watched where a bunch of teens came to the door of unsuspecting couples then killed them. I suppose if I didn't watch crime shows I might have let them in, but I was getting really suspicious not to mention my stomach churning chunks as they stared at me.

"I don't have a phone," I lied.

"We need to use your bathroom," the boy spoke, almost robotically.

"We are cold," the girl offered in the same monotone voice.

This time they looked up at me and their stare almost floored me. Their eyes. It was like looking into a bottomless well. I felt the room spinning as I stared. For a moment I almost lost myself then my then Bix started whining. His whimper jolted me out of the weird trance. Grabbing my aching stomach, I shut the door in the faces of these kids and sat down on my chair with the shotgun across my lap. They knocked for a few more minutes then nothing.

I promptly moved out of the house the next month. I told the owner why and he just said, "Funny things, those kids with the black eyes. You may have all of your deposit back."

I never returned.


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