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Could It Have Been a Wendigo Released By a Seance?

This story was sent to me by an anonymous email. It is assumed true.

Be careful what you wish for. That is my motto about learning how to speak to the dead. Ever since I was a kid I was always fascinated by psychics. I thought they were all fake, but the way they fooled people excited me. It enticed me to learn more about them. I never understood their method of talking to people, why they would go about it all in riddles. I would laugh while I watched those day time talk tv shows while home sick from school.

It was the early 90s when I started playing with the occult for fun. I would buy into the whole crystal hype because it was cool. I dressed in all black gothic clothes and wear black nail polish. I listened to death metal and 60s music because it was so weird and hip. The preps and jocks hated me. My sister and her stupid bitchy friends laughed at me daily. She never apologized either.

It was okay though--or so I thought. I had found new friends. During the school year everything …

Frightening Ouija Board Experience

A true story sent in by Amber Rivers. I was just 10 years old when I woke up to a beautiful Monday morning in Orange City Fl. I of course took a shower then ate breakfast and I took a dip in the back yard pool. I had so much fun that day. My foster brother soon followed. He too took a dive in the pool to wake up. We talked about how much we wanted to go see his Aunt. So we got out of the pool dried off and went back to the house. We approached my foster parents and asked if we could go to Foster Aunt Linda. They said yes was as happy as a lark. So we went and got ready.

Two hours later we went to Aunt Linda's house. They decided to have a cook out so we stayed the whole day. The food was amazing to say the least. Later on that night, me and Foster brother found a Ouija board and took it out then began to play with it. We each took turns moving the game piece around. I spelled out the word evil. I thought to my self how wicked. Then it was my foster brother's turn. He, too, …

Chloe Isn't Here

Followed By a Skinwalker

This allegedly true story was sent in by a listener.

I've been telling my story about being stalked by a mountain lion in town for awhile now, but after reading some of the stories online I'm beginning to think that maybe it was a skinwalker.

We live on the outskirts of a big city and we are surrounded by mountains on all sides. The closest mountains are to the north of us. They're so close that it is just about 5 minutes away by car. We have all kinds of wildlife around here including possum, raccoon, rats, turkeys, bobcats, and even mountain lion. Sometimes we do get reports of the big cats in town.

One night when I was walking my dog from the store, I noticed a shadow cresting on a building. I looked like a shadow of a cat crouching toward some poor mouse, but then I realized its shadow was directed toward my dog and I. The dog started freaking out barking and growling. She might be a Yorkie, but her bark is just obnoxious. I noticed the shadow grow taller and wider, re…

Spooky Boo LIVESTREAM: SHADOW PEOPLE 2017-04-20 Starting at 10 PM

Tonight, LIVE on the Spooky Boo LIVEStream we will talk about the Shadow People. An hour of story telling from true and/or fiction stories and creepypasta and then I will bring in guests who want to talk about their shadow people or shadow men experience. Have YOU ever seen a shadow man? Show up tonight on the show! Details below.

To participate on the show, email Spooky Boo at and you will be sent a link. Guests are allowed after 11 pm, after the first few stories are told.


Black Eyed Kids Encounter

This allegedly true story was sent in by an anonymous reader.

I haven't told this to anyone before in my life and I'm not even sure that I want to now. I have kept this quiet for so long but it is still as clear as day in my head. I finally want to come forward and tell my story after hearing a couple of your videos. I want to thank you for telling my story.

One night it was really super late. I had just moved in on my own in my own little studio house out on the highway. It was a really cool place out in the middle of nowhere. There was a farmer who owned a few thousand acres and converted an old barn into a little studio with a flat. The rent was really cheap as he really just wanted the extra money to keep his animals fed without hassle and use it to pay his property taxes so it wasn't much at all.

The first month there was great. with the exception of the occasional diesel on the highway, it was relatively quiet. I never had any visitors at all Sometimes it was so quie…

New Live Streaming Paranormal Show!

Finally! I can stream on YouTube :) I'm so happy! I did my first stream as a test tonight and it worked great!

I will start the live show on Sunday night through Thursday night from 10 pm until midnight, Pacific time. I will be telling scary stories that are either true or creepypasta fiction during these hours and you are welcome to call during that time.

Call (707) 776-6592 which is also 707-SpookyBoo-22.

Please note that all stories must follow YouTube community guidelines so no adult content or extremely graphic violence. Think of it being radio guidelines--no swearing, etc.