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An Allegedly True Scary Story From an Anonymous Email

My Wendigo Experience

I read your post last night about the Wendigo. I'm sending this in secret to you because I don't want the townspeople to know who I am. I think my neighbor is a Wendigo or has Wendigo Psychosis. He is really weird and sometimes I hear a lot of strange animal sounds at his house. I try to spy, but he is always coming and going so I can't just peer out my window if you know what I mean. Last night though, last night was the worst. I couldn't help but to look.

I was sitting at my window with the shades down and the window open. Sometimes it takes me hours to go to sleep so I just stare at the stars through the cracks in the blinds and listen to the crickets. I also wanted to get a glimpse of the creeper next door because he's so weird and he brings home chicks all of the time. Yeah, I'm a freak. I listen to them do their thing. I usually just listen and then he leaves and I always assumed he brings them home.  Tonight, I heard him pull up in his driveway and bring home another hooker looking chick. This one had on a real short dress, heels, and tons of makeup. He brought her inside the house and then I heard the usual noises. She was kind of cute looking so I wanted to see her again when they left so I waited, but then I saw him leave into the woods alone. A few minutes later I thought I saw the bushes moving along the side and heard footsteps, but I couldn't see anything. Then, out of nowhere, I saw this thing turn and look at my window. It was like it just appeared. It was ugly. I thought it might be a really tall bear that was malnourished or something standing up on its hind legs. The eyes were yellow and reflecting in the flood light. Not all of its skin was covered in hair, some of it looked like it might have mange or some kind of disease. There was hair on parts of its legs and arms, but not on its torso. I could see its bones through the skin, too. I thought it might be a demon until I read your post last night.

I almost pissed my pants when it looked at my window, but I don't think it could see me through the blinds. It licked its lips and drooled like some sort of a rabid dog, it's fangs protruding out of its snout. Almost like it was a werewolf, but I just don't know. It looked more like a demon than any werewolf I've seen on TV. I don't even believe in werewolves. I wanted so bad to take a picture, but I didn't dare risk any noise or flash at all. It was not something I would want crawling through my window.

I watched it open the guy's door like a human being would and my neighbor hadn't come back yet. I couldn't hear anything, but I did see a silhouette of something really tall standing in his room like it was stretching and then it was just gone. A few minutes later my neighbor comes out of his house with a large plastic bag like a leaf or garden trash bag and leave in his car. He always leaves in his car after the hookers, but I've never seen him leave. I always thought he then took them home. This time I did see and he left alone and didn't come back for hours.

I'm afraid. If I call the cops will he know? He certainly will if he saw me peeking through the window.


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