The Japanese Urban Legend of Kuchisake Onna

Some time between the years of 1603 to 1868, during the Edo period in Japan, there lived a beautiful woman so vain that even her husband was disgusted with her attitude. Her name was Kuchisake Onna. The legend has it that she cheated on her husband, and when he found out, he slashed her smile from ear to ear to make her ugly as she could no longer cheat on him with a ghastly face.
She haunts Japan with a mask and if you ever come face to face to with her she will ask you if you think she is beautiful. Before you can answer, she will rip off her mask while screaming "Am I beautiful now?" You will then see the horrid smile her husband made for her.

If you answer no then she will pull out a pair of scissors and stab you to death. If you say yes, then she will cut your face and give you a smile like her own. If you try to run away then she will hunt you down and kill you by cutting you in two. There are only two noted ways to escape. One is by giving her a confusing answer by telling her that she is average. She will then get confused while you run off. The other is by tossing candy or fruit in front of her and she will pick it up giving you time to make your escape.

The stories are ancient, but the sightings are not. As early as the 1970s a fear of Kuchisake Onna brushed over Japan. Kids were telling stories of a crazy woman chasing them. Schools were shut down and most children stayed at home. Some kids who didn't stay home told of a woman who was hit by a car. Oddly enough, the coroner reported she had a torn mouth. Was this a possessed woman, or someone that Kuchisake Onna had sliced?

Be careful when speaking of the slit mouthed woman. The more you talk about her, the more powerful she becomes. A group of girls telling scary stories one night together at a slumber party swear to this rumor. They were all huddled around in their PJ's sneaking out cigarettes and wine from the cupboard when one of the girls started telling the story of Kuchisake Onna. Not long after, one noticed a shadow outside the window. It fled fast when they all looked up after one screamed. She said the woman had either a robe or a long jacket on with a mask covering her mouth. She looked very beautiful from what she could see. Then, after all of the girls went home and told their friends about it, they started seeing this women throughout the day. They never walked alone after that because each time they would, a strange woman would approach them. Then one day one of them was taken off guard and stabbed. It was reported as a gang related incident, but the other girls say they know better.


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