Scary Stories | Ireland's Vampire Dearg Due

We all know the story of Count Dracula and often wonder how stories like Dracula come about. Dracula was based on the true story of a man so evil he would impale his enemies then spill their guts while allowing them slowly to die at the stake. Rumors of him drinking their blood to live forever were so rampant that people believed them to be true.

It wasn't until an Irishman named Bram Stoker brought Vlad to life in his novel Dracula when the world found out how frightening a vampire truly was. But how did Stoker come up with this idea? Could it have been from the childhood legend of Dearg Due that brought the fangs forth to the mouth of the blood seeking lord of the night?

Many people are not familiar with Dearg Due as Dracula probably overshadowed her existence. It is told that in Ireland a beautiful woman with pale blonde hair and lusty red lips lived so long ago that no one remembers her true name. She was a noblewoman, born of royal blood. She lived with her father where they were offered hands in marriage by men from all over the land. Despite the clamor for her hand in marriage, she fell in love with a peasant.

Displeased with her choice in men, her father forced her to marry a wealthier man who was vicious and cruel. He abused her mentally and physically on a daily basis without end. The rumor has it that he locked her up in a tower when he was away so no one could steal her from his cruel grasp. She was so desperately in love with the other and so upset in her misfortune of a cruel and abusive husband, she committed suicide by starving herself to death.

It is told that she arises from her grave to seduce and take the life of men who lust for her beauty. Some stories tell of the sultry vampire to rise on the full moon and others tell of it happening once per year, on the anniversary of her death. Her first two victims were her father and her abusive husband. Her victims die when the last drop of blood leaves their body as she sucks their blood dry. The only way to stop her is to pile rocks upon her grave which is located somewhere in a small Irish churchyard near Strongbow's Tree, in the county of Waterford.

Many people have claimed to see Dearg Due roaming the country side looking for her future victims. Some claim they have met her in life and escaped her woes. Do you have a story of this women damned to haunt men for all eternity? I would love to hear about it. Email me at or call me at 707-SpookyBoo-22 from 10 pm to 1 am on Saturday Nights, Pacific time.


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