My Out of Body Experience

An OBE, also known as out of body experience, happens when your "soul" removes itself from the body and goes to whatever location it is intended to visit. This location can be Heaven, Hell, your backyard, or even a party you were too sick to attend.

Most people undergo an out of body experience when they have died or are extremely sick such as high fever or even a coma. Sometimes an OBE can be drug induced or the effect is created with certain types of sounds or bi-neural beats. Some scientists describe these events as hallucinations or even dreams that one might have in a certain state of mind that makes them feel disconnected from the body yet they are simply in the same place where they always have been.

The paranormal world takes a different stance on the OBE. People who have a near death experience sometimes describe it as floating above their body. Some people see family members in this light while others are just beckoned to go to the light. Some have actually reported floating through hospitals and other areas while doctors work on their bodies and once the body calls the soul back, they are reunited. Note that an OBE is not the same thing as a typical near death experience, but a near death experience can be an out of body experience.

Some cultures believe that an out of body experience will cleanse the soul and help you face your personal demons. A few American Indian tribes and other cultures have rituals where the OBE is induced by either a psychedelic drug, heat exhaustion, starvation, or a combination of the three. In these cases people are known to float to their destinations by themselves or using a spirit guide. It is often used to answer perplexing questions a person has about themselves or their past. It is also used to see the future. At this point we can also argue this might be a form of remote viewing, but this would not explain the spirit guide. We will cover remote viewing on another day.

While different cultures have many spiritual explanations others just see the OBE as another way of exercising the soul. People claim to have left their bodies while visiting friends, other countries, and even other worlds using just their. The theory is that the soul is connected by an arbitrary string to your body because if it were ever to completely leave your body then you would die. This is different than astral projection and remote viewing.

Many people describe their OBE experiences as fun and unusual. They visit places they haven't been to before and see people they haven't seen in ages. If you ask most people, they will tell you the experience was pleasurable. Many say they just float around their body and, although it is frightening for them to see their body, it is fascinating.

Others have a different experience. One person describes the experience as frightening. She was introduced to spirits who attempted to guide her to her destination. She could see that one stayed behind with the body and another by her side. One was pushing her in the direction away from her body, coaxing her mentally to come with them. Others have described spiritual attacks, where when they left their bodies, other beings were all around them and touching them. For one experience where there is light, others experience the dark and unknown.

People can induce an OBE experience by quietly laying on the bed, flat on your back. Relax everything one by one and then imagine slowly rising from your body. When you have done it correctly then you will hear a loud roar in your ears and a pop and then you will be floating. The technique is completely different than astral projection or remote viewing. How do I know? I have done at least two of these.

For today I will tell you about my OBE experience. It took me months of trying to finally get it right. Normally when I would lie down and try, the roaring sound that happens would freak me out and I would immediately stop. I have also had times when my mind felt disconnected from my breathing and that would instantly wake me up. This time, however, I kept going. I have only purposefully done it once. I have had other dreams where I have seen things that have happened and it felt like deja vu when I saw the event the next day, but that could be a dream or anything else. I cannot say for sure those times were an OBE. When it did happen, I was lying in bed and it was really quiet. I decided to try it one more time. Once my body was relaxed, and believe me it takes a long time for my body to relax, I imagined floating above my body and suddenly I was looking at myself sleeping. It was the creepiest thing I had ever seen. It was like I was dead. I could see my body breathing very slightly. This too creeped me out because breathing is essential to life and not feeling your own breathing gives one a feeling of unease.

I ignored my fears and decided to go to different places in the house. I don't remember going through any walls or doors, I just remember being there and watching my kids sleep for a moment. One of them stirred then looked up at me and smiled then went back to sleep. I went all over the house, afraid to leave. Then a few moments later my son started crying and I felt a hard tug and I was back in my body, sitting up with a huge breath. I ran to my son's room and he had a nightmare of a ghost in the room.

That was the only time I could get the specific out of body experience. I have tried to do it again and haven't been able to.

Have you ever tried OBE? Do you have your own experience? I'd love to post it here. Send me an email at and I'll post it up and also tell it on YouTube.


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