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The Japanese Urban Legend of Kuchisake Onna

Some time between the years of 1603 to 1868, during the Edo period in Japan, there lived a beautiful woman so vain that even her husband was disgusted with her attitude. Her name was Kuchisake Onna. The legend has it that she cheated on her husband, and when he found out, he slashed her smile from ear to ear to make her ugly as she could no longer cheat on him with a ghastly face.
She haunts Japan with a mask and if you ever come face to face to with her she will ask you if you think she is beautiful. Before you can answer, she will rip off her mask while screaming "Am I beautiful now?" You will then see the horrid smile her husband made for her.

If you answer no then she will pull out a pair of scissors and stab you to death. If you say yes, then she will cut your face and give you a smile like her own. If you try to run away then she will hunt you down and kill you by cutting you in two. There are only two noted ways to escape. One is by giving her a confusing answer by …

My Out of Body Experience

An OBE, also known as out of body experience, happens when your "soul" removes itself from the body and goes to whatever location it is intended to visit. This location can be Heaven, Hell, your backyard, or even a party you were too sick to attend.

Most people undergo an out of body experience when they have died or are extremely sick such as high fever or even a coma. Sometimes an OBE can be drug induced or the effect is created with certain types of sounds or bi-neural beats. Some scientists describe these events as hallucinations or even dreams that one might have in a certain state of mind that makes them feel disconnected from the body yet they are simply in the same place where they always have been.

The paranormal world takes a different stance on the OBE. People who have a near death experience sometimes describe it as floating above their body. Some people see family members in this light while others are just beckoned to go to the light. Some have actually reporte…

True Scary Stories | My Wendigo Experience

An Allegedly True Scary Story From an Anonymous Email

My Wendigo Experience

I read your post last night about the Wendigo. I'm sending this in secret to you because I don't want the townspeople to know who I am. I think my neighbor is a Wendigo or has Wendigo Psychosis. He is really weird and sometimes I hear a lot of strange animal sounds at his house. I try to spy, but he is always coming and going so I can't just peer out my window if you know what I mean. Last night though, last night was the worst. I couldn't help but to look.

I was sitting at my window with the shades down and the window open. Sometimes it takes me hours to go to sleep so I just stare at the stars through the cracks in the blinds and listen to the crickets. I also wanted to get a glimpse of the creeper next door because he's so weird and he brings home chicks all of the time. Yeah, I'm a freak. I listen to them do their thing. I usually just listen and then he leaves and I always assumed …

Scary Urban Legends | The Wendigo

Scary Urban Legends | Wendigo

The Northern Plains Indians and Indians of the upper northeast have their own stories of spirits and legends. One of the most terrifying spirits is the Wendigo. While some say the Wendigo is a spirit that has possessed a man due to his unending greed and gluttony, others claim the Wendigo is a man who has shapeshifted into a beast. In either case, this creature is known as a cannibalistic monster that devours the flesh of man due to its continuous hunger.

Many hunters and campers in the forests of Northern Minnesota claimed to have seen the Wendigo during their travels. People who have disappeared in the woods, never to be seen again, have been rumored to be eaten by the hungry creature. From the late 1800s to the beginning of the 20th century, people have claimed to see to witness the Wendigo in Roseau, MN. No one could figure out why every time the creature was reported that another person went missing or died afterward.

People who have seen the creature, …