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This story was sent to me as a true story.

While growing up I had the same doll every other girl had. It was one of those baby dolls in the pink baby jammies with white polka-dots that would cry or whine saying "I want another drink of water." I would pull her string all of the time and she would come up with whatever recording they put inside of her. I was so happy when my mom and dad gave her to me. She was my favorite and was always by my side no matter where I went. She kept me company at night when it was dark and made me feel better when the strange scratching noises happened in my closet.

The scratching noises had been going on for a few months. When I asked my mom about the scratching noises and she said it was probably just mice and they would take care of it. She had some man come out and look all around the closet and outside, but he didn't find anything. He even put out a few traps, but nothing was ever caught. We lived out in the country and field mice would always try to get into the house if the cat didn't catch them first so maybe they just stay around during the day was what they thought. I knew it didn't sound like mice and sometimes it sounded as if they were voices whispering. But late at night I would pull that string on my doll over and over again while making her cry, whine, and tell me cute little phrases to cover the noises until I fell asleep.

Then one night when the scratching noises were really loud, the string broke. Right as she finished saying "Close your eyes, mommy" the end of the sentence dropped off into a deep voice as if the recording died and the white pull string ring popped off into my hand. I tried pulling the string over and over again, but the sound just wouldn't come out. I knew if I called for my mom then she wouldn't be proud of me sleeping alone in the dark so I laid there, wide-eyed and searching for any sign of movement. Then I heard them--the scratches. They were no longer in my closet, but closer to my bed. I swear I felt something move over the blanket and then something warm hold my hand. I was in tears, but I didn't dare scream. I wasn't afraid of waking my mom up now, I was afraid of whatever this thing was knowing I was awake.

Just then my doll's string pulled and she giggled. I was shaking, sweating. The string pulled again, this time she did the usual cry. I suddenly sat up and threw her across the room.

"That wasn't very nice!" she cried out.

I ran from the room screaming for my mom. Down the hall I screamed and then jumped into my parents' bed, crying my eyes out. I wouldn't tell them what was wrong so my dad went into the room to check. He said everything looked fine and through the tears my mom rocked me back to sleep in their room.

The next day they told me it was probably just a nightmare. That day they had an exterminator out who didn't find any mouse droppings or anything else in the closet. There were no holes or nests in the walls. My mom slept in my room that night and nothing happened. I didn't even touch my doll, she still sat in the corner with her head all twisted and her arms and legs in an impossible position. I looked at her once and then turned away. Everything was quiet.

The next night I braved by myself. I fell asleep figuring that maybe throwing the doll against the wall had scared away whatever was in my room. Then, some time in the middle of the night, I felt a tug next to my arm. It was the string pulling on my doll. Somehow she had made it back into my arms.

"Why did you hurt me?" she said in the awful whiny voice.

I screamed and screamed until my mom came running into my room. When I told her about the doll she brought me into the living room and we burned it in our huge fireplace. For a moment, as the flames engulfed the face and the rubber melted, I swear it screamed. I knew by the look on my mom's face that she had heard it as well. She said it was probably just air escaping out of the doll. After the doll was destroyed and carried out with the rest of the garbage, I never heard another scratch in my room again.


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