Scary Stories: My Neighbors Went Missing

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When I was around 14 year old we owned a house in the suburbs. It was a nice little neighborhood with very little crime. My parents would leave town a lot and leave me with a babysitter who would always take off at night with her boyfriend. My friends would then come over and we would watch music videos all night on the different video channels until we fell asleep. There was really nothing else to do because everything was closed. Sometimes we would actually sneak out and cause havoc, but since it was really easy to get caught we didn't do it all of the time.

One time that we did sneak out, we ran into a few thugs. They had driven in from the next town over and were stalking our houses. We all ran to the backyard of one of the houses they were entering. We heard some scuffling and a scream. None of us had cell phones at the time so we couldn't call and by the time we heard the scream one of the thugs was standing right near where we were so we couldn't take off. We just sat there listening to the horrible commotion going on in the house. It was awful! We heard some more screaming and then nothing. We were so scared. The thug nearest to us went inside and we all ran home back to my house. I heard one of them yell out, "HEY YOU!"

We didn't stop. We ran right inside and while I locked all of the doors, my friend called the cops. The police are about 45 minutes away from our secluded little area and said they would get there as soon as possible and to not open any doors for anyone. They asked if there was a place to hide and I told them yes. We went up to the attic which is really hard to find in my house because the entryway is in a closet behind a bunch of clothes. We turned off all the lights and ran up to the attic, closing everything behind us. We sat there in silence, a few of us crying, the others shaking in fear.

A few minutes later we heard banging at the door.I knew it wouldn't be the police already so we sat there waiting. Then right when I realized that we had left the sliding glass door unlocked downstairs, I heard it move along the rails. There was movement downstairs in the living room then the kitchen. The garage door opened and then I heard the steps creaking up the stairs.

"Oh girls, where are you? Don't you to come out and play?"

We all sat there, hunched in our little circle; quiet, cold, and shivering. My friend started to cry, but I put my hand over her mouth. She nodded and stopped. Then the door to the bedroom opened. This was my mom and dad's room. I could hear them searching the drawers, under the bed, in the curtains, then the closet door opened. We held our breath. We were sitting right above where this creep was standing. One creak in the floor and we knew we were dead. One sniffle and he would probably pull us down and kill us all.

We waited until they left the room to breathe. For a moment we all just sighed and let out a few needed tears of fear and then sat there. Honestly, I think we really just silently agreed to wait until the cops came. I'm glad we did because a few minutes later were heard some clanging of something in the backyard. It went for about 5 minutes until we heard their cars squeal off. A few minutes later, the cops were inside my house searching for us. We climbed down the ladder and into the bedroom where they comforted us and brought us down to the living room with blankets. One of them made us some drinks and we all sat and waited for my parents to get home with the police. A few minutes later the cops caught the guys racing down the highway in their cars, but never found any stolen goods. When they asked the crooks where the neighbors were, they just laughed and said they had no idea. The cops couldn't lock them up. We told the cops about all of the noise in the backyard, but nothing was found.

Of course, the babysitter was fired and I was grounded for leaving the house and not telling my parents about the babysitter leaving all of them time. It wasn't until recently when we found the neighbors, which forced me to send this story in. I was getting ready to take off to college and cleaning out a few of my old things by having a garage sale. I had pretty much put that event in the back of my head until now. Yesterday I was digging through my boxes in the old shed and when I opened the first one, I screamed so loud that my dad came running immediately. Those freaks had stuffed my neighbors in these boxes and in the most horrible positions. No one found them because these plastic boxes are pretty seal tight. The county coroner told us it looked like they were hit over the head and knocked out then stuffed in the bins in plastic then suffocated. My neighbors.

I hope they find these creeps again. Who knows what other crimes these jerks have committed since then.I can't wait to see them punished.


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