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True Scary Stories | Hoarder Horror

Submitted by an anonymous reader.
I live in a really amazing neighborhood. There is very little crime and the people, at least most of them, are really nice. We have neighborhood porch parties and backyard BBQs every weekend and we all have fun just sitting out in the sun by the pool on our day off. Everyone except for this one house down the street.

We never knew the people down the street. They would never leave their home except to bring the children to school.We knew they had 6 kids at one time, but recently we would only see 2 or 3 of them pile into the car to go to school. I'm surprised they could even fit in the car because it was always packed with newspapers and boxes. No one ever questioned it because he had a paper route and the papers always arrived on time. We just figured the papers would be gone by mid morning after delivery and then he would fill up later on in the day.
This was all happening when I was about 16. I went to school with all of the kids from kinderga…

True Scary Stories | The Talking Doll | Paranormal

This story was sent to me as a true story.

While growing up I had the same doll every other girl had. It was one of those baby dolls in the pink baby jammies with white polka-dots that would cry or whine saying "I want another drink of water." I would pull her string all of the time and she would come up with whatever recording they put inside of her. I was so happy when my mom and dad gave her to me. She was my favorite and was always by my side no matter where I went. She kept me company at night when it was dark and made me feel better when the strange scratching noises happened in my closet.

The scratching noises had been going on for a few months. When I asked my mom about the scratching noises and she said it was probably just mice and they would take care of it. She had some man come out and look all around the closet and outside, but he didn't find anything. He even put out a few traps, but nothing was ever caught. We lived out in the country and field mice would…

True Scary Stories | Our Alien Abduction Experience

This story is assumed to be true. It was sent via anonymous mail.

I'm sending you this anonymously through your mail address because I don't want anyone to know who I am. Don't ask me how I got your address. It was difficult to find, but I did it. Please tell my story. I cannot leave traces such as emails or any other kind of electronic trace. This letter was mailed through several different places before it would even reach you.

I belong to a secret organization of alien abductees. Our existence is almost unknown to anyone. We don't even have a name. We do not share stories online. We only share stories through word of mouth. Only a few people will recognize the clues in this story to even know who I am. There are certain government agencies that would love to see us shut down because we speak the truth, or what we know as the truth. Who knows what goes on out there that we do or do not know about! We move around the country like nomads because we don't want to be…

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Scary Stories: My Neighbors Went Missing

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When I was around 14 year old we owned a house in the suburbs. It was a nice little neighborhood with very little crime. My parents would leave town a lot and leave me with a babysitter who would always take off at night with her boyfriend. My friends would then come over and we would watch music videos all night on the different video channels until we fell asleep. There was really nothing else to do because everything was closed. Sometimes we would actually sneak out and cause havoc, but since it was really easy to get caught we didn't do it all of the time.

One time that we did sneak out, we ran into a few thugs. They had driven in from the next town over and were stalking our houses. We all ran to the backyard of one of the houses they were entering. We heard some scuffling and a scream. None of us had cell phones at the time so we couldn't call and by the time we heard the scream one of the thugs was standing right…

Scary Stories: Deep Web Mind Control

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This might be the last time I am able to post to the internet. I keep a low profile because I don't want to be found, but I am so tired of hiding and the truth must be said. I am afraid that sending this to you might endanger you or others around you, but if you are careful then it will only be me who is in trouble. Or maybe you can help me if you are careful.

I spend some time online in a testing environment. This was back in the early 90s. I was testing software for a computer company and it happened to be internet software. The web we really new back then, at least the public part of it. Most of it was just a bunch of silly sites and porn. People were still inventing the great ideas like shopping carts and all of the protocols that went with it. I was one of the ones who had to test the Netscape browser with the OS and machine I was working on. I did th…