Our Patreon Supporters for January 2017

Thank you so much for pledging to support my channel for the month of January 2017! I really do appreciate it. When you donate just $1.00 for the month I will add your link below and then the next month I will start a new one. Your backlink will be listed every month that you have donated using any of the tiers.

I also do shoutouts for the new supporting members on Patreon during the week they sign up. This week will be my first week doing so and it will happen on Sunday night so be sure to get in before then. It will happen every Sunday on my VLOG since that is somewhat live.

Here is the list of Patrons for this month so far. Thank you so much. I really do appreciate your support. I hope you enjoy the videos and commentary you receive on Patreon.

Blinxie Proctor

Stay Out!

If you would like to support my channel, please visit my Patreon site at http://www.patreon.com/707spookyboo22


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