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Scary Stories: Social Networking Freak

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I can't remember much of the first part of the conversation we were having. My friend and I were sipping rum while laughing at boys on a very popular social network. I probably can't tell you which one it was here, nor would I want to. I don't want these creeps to find out who I am or where I live.

We were threading through the live videos of people doing really stupid things. Some guys just sat there like totally clueless rejects and not being able to utter a single word. I mean, my friend and I aren't bad looking at all but they act like we're supermodels when they see us and that is why we laugh. Yes, we're mean. We laugh at their stupidity. It's even worse when they have their privates out and doing things that we really do not want to see. It's horrid and hilarious at the same time. Then they get all insulted that we laugh at them. Well, what the hell are you th…

Our Patreon Supporters for January 2017

Thank you so much for pledging to support my channel for the month of January 2017! I really do appreciate it. When you donate just $1.00 for the month I will add your link below and then the next month I will start a new one. Your backlink will be listed every month that you have donated using any of the tiers.

I also do shoutouts for the new supporting members on Patreon during the week they sign up. This week will be my first week doing so and it will happen on Sunday night so be sure to get in before then. It will happen every Sunday on my VLOG since that is somewhat live.

Here is the list of Patrons for this month so far. Thank you so much. I really do appreciate your support. I hope you enjoy the videos and commentary you receive on Patreon.

Blinxie Proctor

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707SpookyBoo22's Patreon Page

I've decided that I'm going to update my Patreon page more frequently. With Patreon I can offer videos without ads to my subscribers. I can also offer advertising levels for each subscriber with rewards. Now, I do a lot of scheduling of my videos and YouTube does not allow me to replace my video with updates so I can't just add my patrons at the end of scheduled videos, but I can list them in the description and then mention them in the next video I create which might be a week or two later. Sunday videos are supposed to be VLOG videos where I will mention the names of active Patrons for that week.

Another idea I have is to offer a signed SpookyBoo mask that I would wear during a video and then with one of the higher pledges on Patreon I can send it over when the first pledge is paid. I rather like that idea because it sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to interact with my listeners. Let me know if you think this is a silly idea.

I do love creating these videos for y…

What Lurks in Marianas Trench

Did you know that we've mapped more of the surface of Mars than our very own oceans? How has our curiosity driven us to space travel, but not to explore the most perplexing mystery that lies on our very own planet? I've explored much of our waters myself, mapping and documenting our oceans and seas. I have learned that we are better off to just leave what lies below the waves alone. I grew up by the ocean. In my youth, I loved to explore the tidepools, and sea caves that dotted the east coast. I loved to see the life interacting with each other: crabs scuttling away when a big fish swam by, or an octopus camouflaging itself undetectable until its prey made the fatal mistake of getting to close. The sea was always just so interesting to me. When I turned thirteen, my father bought me a cheap SCUBA set off the internet. It only allowed for 20 minute excursions underwater, but man if I didn't cherish it. I would dive at least twice a day, blowing all my allowance on air tank…