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New Website for My Scary Horror and Paranormal Stories

Hello Spooky Boo readers :)

The story website has moved to All of your favorite Spooky Boo horror and paranormal stories will be posted at that site and removed from this blogger site. Only links to the YouTube channel will be available if you wish to listen to the stories. They will also be available for download from Kindle Unlimited if you subscribe to that service.

I know I've had a break in writing for about a month. We've had a lot going on here at the house with school ending and some unexpected illnesses, but everyone is almost back to normal and the writing/readings will continue! The show must go on :)

Please note that I do this for my own entertainment as well as yours. I'm not out to make a gazillion bucks. This is an outlet for me to write and get words down. I enjoy exercising my voice as much as I do writing. Some of my stories I actually tell out loud first and then write them down with more detail and corrections. I started telling …