You'll Never Believe What Creepy Things Happen When Men Use Women's Restrooms

Photo: Prince William County Police Department
30-year old Richard Rodriquez of Prince William County recently walked into a bathroom while dressed as a woman and started recording women who were using the facility. He had moved his women's bag under the stall and started filming her. This is not an isolated event, he was dressed as a woman and likely spying on a 53-year old woman and another time before that a 35 year old woman with her 5-year old daughter. He was only charged with unlawful filming and 3 accounts of peeping.

In September on 2 separate occasions, 2 male University of Toronto students were seen using their cell phones to film the women taking showers and busted for voyeurism. They have temporarily changed some of their bathrooms due to this event, but many still remain gender neutral. How many times have you filmed taking a pee?

Recently, William Davis was arrested for taking images of women inside a women's restroom at a public park in Smyrna, Tennessee. The Eau Claire, Wisconsin police department had called the police in Tennessee requesting they look into the man as he had recently committed the same crime in Wisconsin. He stored photos and videos of women's restroom data on his personal hard drive. William Davis was charged with aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor.

Recently in Washington at Evans Park Pool, a man was caught using the changing rooms and undressing in front of women. He cited the new transgender law and claimed he was allowed to use the changing rooms. He wasn't arrested, but then later came back and entered the room while young girls were changing.

Just a few days ago an old West Town man walked into the restroom of a South Loop neighborhood deli and choked a young girl who was in the bathroom until she became unconscious. When the girl went into the bathroom of Json's Deli with her mother, the mom went into the stall while her daughter waited for her in the restroom. 33-year old Reese M. Hartstirn walked up to the girl and started choking her until she passed out and carried her into a bathroom stall and blocked the door when the girl's mother tried to rescue her. He was arrested and held without bail.


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