Shocking Facts About Death

So you think that dying is a pretty event and you, when you die, will be this gorgeous femme in a movie moment and everyone will gasp and wonder why this beautiful person had to go while staring at your deceased body?

No. Sorry. This is not television. Everything, well probably everything, that you have seen on TV about death and the process of decaying after the body dies is most likely wrong. I know, you might  love a great show about the bad guy getting his butt kicked on Criminal Minds or CSI. The damsel in distress dies and there she is, her perfect blonde hair and makeup so beautiful and her skin is still so supple and full of color.

Save the theatrics. Nothing is as it appears. You see, in the moment of death your heart stops and  your body begins to decompose. The bacterial flora in your intestines will multiply and begin eating at your organs. All of the blood that keeps your skin a certain tone of blush stops pumping. Your skin gets tight and grey. All of your muscles will relax which means if there is anything in your bladder or your bowels then your human waste will exit from the body. Yes, you will poo your pants. Men will probably get an erection if standing, hanging, or laying face down. Unless you are sitting in a sauna or a freezer, your body temperature will drop 1.5 degrees F per hour. Believe me, you don't want to be sitting in a sauna when you go unless you want your body to slowly cook and your skin to bubble and shred off faster than normal.

After 30 minutes your skin will be purple and waxy. The fingers, lips, and toenails will loose their blood and fade to white. The lowest parts of the body will experience postmortem lividity where the blood pools at the lower parts of the body and leaves a dark purplish-black stain. Your hands and feet will turn blue while your eyes will start to sink into your skull.

After about 2 hours your smaller muscles will tighten due to the release of ATP and rigor mortis will begin to set in. Your skin will continue to turn purple and the blood will continue to flow to the lowest point of the body. In 12 hours your body will be in full rigor mortis and stiff for another 12 hours.

In 24 hours the rigor mortis wears off and your body will be limp. Your skin is now greenish blue around your head and the color is starting to cover the rest of your body. You smell of rotting meat.

In 3 days fluids being seeping through the cavities open cavities such as your eyes, nose, mouth, and your rectum (yes, your butt.)  Your body begins to bloat and swell and gasses in the body tissues form large blisters on your skin.

Then, 3 weeks later, your skin is breaking down. The gasses in your body pressure the skin to crack and burst. Your hair and nails are easily removed.

Within 2 months or longer, depending on what type of bugs or animals might have been feeding on your body at the time, you will be nothing but bones.


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