It Lives Within! One Adult's Scary Experience With Whopping Cough

It Lives Within!

You're walking through the park and someone sneezes a few feet away, or maybe it was the handle on the door you touched when the last person wiped his nose and didn't use a tissue. Or maybe someone coughed without covering her mouth. However it got there, a little single celled monster is there waiting in the wind.

You breathe in on a sunny day and that clever little creature gets sucking into your body and finds a warm, comfortable home inside the fuzzy little hairs in your lungs.

For awhile, he remains quiet and ready to strike when he knows it is time to find another host, but for now he is lonely and wants to party deep inside the warmth of your body. You feel a little cold coming on--oblivious to his plans. Your nose runs, your throat hurts. It's nothing a little bit of cold medicine won't cure then it's gone--or so you think!

The invader begins to colonize in your body as your cold comes to a rest. It's friends multiply and begin to poison you with toxin while damaging its host.

While you're sleeping quietly in the night, suddenly he tickles you and you cough. But the cough isn't enough to stop his evil plan. You cough again and the more you cough the harder it is to breathe. He and his friends are suffocating you. You can feel something try to release from your throat, but it can't. It feels like a slippery eel stuck inside your traechia. You cough again, but this time you gasp for air. You're suffocating, dying. Your face is turning blue and your veins and nerves are on fire! You gasp, trying to scream out that you can't breathe! But it attacks again, stopping you from getting help.

It wants to live! It wants to thrive in the warmth of your body. It won't let you expel it, only its friends can go claim another host. It knows if you die then it will die with you so it lets you breathe--just a little at first. With each slow, raspy breath it gives you a little more. He's training you to submit and accept his domination over your body.

Finally, you can breathe! You feel great for awhile until it's time to learn to breathe again! He slaps you with pain and when he finally let's go of your windpipe, you collapse in relief knowing that you will be able to live comfortably for just a short while until he strikes again.

Fortunately for you, the little monster only lives for about 90 days.

Immunize your kids. There is nothing scarier than not being able to breathe. I know. I have this as an adult as I'm writing it right now.

This is how whooping cough feels. It sucks. Big time.


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