Ghost Story: The Morning Visitor

I had this supervisor, Kate. One day, we had a discussion that turned into the unexplained, and she told me about something that happened when she was a teenager. She tries to debunk crazy things that have happened, but this is one she hasn't been able to do. It was the summer after she graduated from high school, sometime in the second half of the 1990's. She was 18 at the time. Her friend Billy was a few years older, but still lived with his mother in their house. This was in a small city in Western Maryland, and Billy's house had just enough land that he could throw raging, day-to-night summer parties complete with bonfires. At the same time, they weren't totally isolated, and random people from the surrounding neighborhoods would show up to his parties all the time.
One day, Billy met this skater kid named Nick at a park one morning, and being a social animal guy, Billy invited him to hang out with him at his house. Billy probably also took some pity on Nick, because Nick told him he was a runaway who was living at the park. They would basically play video games, go on rides, and party 'til late at night. Nick started showing up every day at Billy's house, knocking on the door at 7 a.m. sharp and engaging him in the morning-til-night drinking. He was about 16, with dark eyes and dark spiky hair (remember, this was the late 90's), and seemed fairly normal and everything except for a couple of things. The first was that he always wore the same thing- a plain t-shirt and a pair of camo-print cargo shorts. Despite the fact that he was sleeping at a park, his clothes always looked clean. The second is that he was never seen eating or going to the bathroom, despite the fact that Nick was drinking heavily with Billy. Finally, oddly enough, no one remembers actually feeling Nick's skin- even my supervisor, who had sat next to him in a car during a road trip.
She hung out with Billy and Nick at Billy's house two times, and each time she and her friend felt like something was very "off" with Nick, especially when he would give off this laugh that just sounded very evil and maniacal. He also seemed to get kookier and weirder when they went on a road trip and got further away from Billy's city. Nick would also never shut up about his father's gun collection.
Finally, Billy's hospitality reached its limits- after two weeks of waking Billy up at 7 a.m. to go party, Billy snapped at Nick at his front door. He said, "Look, Nick, you've been coming here every morning for two weeks. You're waking up my mother, who's trying to sleep. You really need to go now. Please just come back later." Then he slammed the door shut. Nick never showed up again.
Billy came to Katie, a little bit later, with a newspaper article. It was about Nick, who had apparently killed himself. Nick had escaped from the mental asylum his parents had put him in that was located in Billy's town, got to his father's house and shot himself with his father's gun.
Billy was originally upset because he felt like he must've put Nick over-the-edge when he kicked him out, until he checked the dates.
Nick had committed suicide on July 10th, two weeks before they had met.


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