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Shocking Facts About Death

So you think that dying is a pretty event and you, when you die, will be this gorgeous femme in a movie moment and everyone will gasp and wonder why this beautiful person had to go while staring at your deceased body?

No. Sorry. This is not television. Everything, well probably everything, that you have seen on TV about death and the process of decaying after the body dies is most likely wrong. I know, you might  love a great show about the bad guy getting his butt kicked on Criminal Minds or CSI. The damsel in distress dies and there she is, her perfect blonde hair and makeup so beautiful and her skin is still so supple and full of color.
Save the theatrics. Nothing is as it appears. You see, in the moment of death your heart stops and  your body begins to decompose. The bacterial flora in your intestines will multiply and begin eating at your organs. All of the blood that keeps your skin a certain tone of blush stops pumping. Your skin gets tight and grey. All of your muscles will rel…

You'll Never Believe What Creepy Things Happen When Men Use Women's Restrooms

30-year old Richard Rodriquez of Prince William County recently walked into a bathroom while dressed as a woman and started recording women who were using the facility. He had moved his women's bag under the stall and started filming her. This is not an isolated event, he was dressed as a woman and likely spying on a 53-year old woman and another time before that a 35 year old woman with her 5-year old daughter. He was only charged with unlawful filming and 3 accounts of peeping.

In September on 2 separate occasions, 2 male University of Toronto students were seen using their cell phones to film the women taking showers and busted for voyeurism. They have temporarily changed some of their bathrooms due to this event, but many still remain gender neutral. How many times have you filmed taking a pee?

Recently, William Davis was arrested for taking images of women inside a women's restroom at a public park in Smyrna, Tennessee. The Eau Claire, Wisconsin police department had cal…

Friday the 13th - A Very Unlucky Number

What is it about triskaidekaphobia that makes you very unlucky? What? You don't know what triskaidekaphobia is? It is an extreme superstition regarding the number 13. It is the reason we have slash em movies like Friday the 13th and why Jason Vorhees can be so popular. It also the reason why we don't have 13 floors in hotels or there is no room 13 in a hospital. In fact, Friday the 13th is a very scary day because it is a day where there are more bizarre accidents that happen.

Could it be a coincidence, or is it that the number 13 is just unlucky? Friday the 13th seems to be a day of random accidents. Unlike a full moon, which possibly has a scientific explanation of why these lunar days can make some people go loony, Friday the 13th is surrounded by mysticism, religion, and just pure lack of luck.

Take the accident at Lowestoft Seafront Air Festival, for example. Rumor has it that a 13-year old boy attending the event on Friday the 13th and at 13:13 (1:13 pm) he was struck by…


I wasn't always crazy. I've been sitting in this locked, padded room for awhile now. They won't allow me a pen or paper, but they know if I don't tell my stories then I will shut down completely and talk to no one. Honestly, I think they use my stories as studies in for their death row freak show. Why am I not on Death Row? Well, I'm probably not old enough and they think I'm insane.

I'm not sure when it all happened. I've always been fascinated with the faces in the wall. I used to point them out to my parents who thought I was a little crazy for seeing faces and body shapes in walls, ceilings, curtains, in fact just about everything. I could see demons in the fire, random faces in plaster, smiling monkeys in I said EVERYTHING. My parents took me to the doctor who said it was a phenomenon called pareidolia and was pretty common. They didn't have anything to worry about.

I can tell you now that he was wrong. Very wrong. Sometimes at ni…


I've always wondered about my neighbor. She's kind of weird. She never talks and never smiles, but every Christmas she leaves a handmade doll on the porches of all of the little girls between ages 2 to 6 in the neighborhood. No one has ever had the guts to ask why she does it. She's creepy and old. I guess she is probably in her 80s, long gray hair and beady blue eyes. She is almost devoid of pigment in her skin except for a few spots that look like age spots.

No one ever dared ask, but when she left one for my little sister, I had to ask. The doll was beautiful, obviously hand made, and a magnificant piece of art. She must have taken a lot of time to make it yet no one ever thanked her. I had to do it, yet now I wonder if I should have.

I knocked on her door twice and while waiting for her, I looked into the window. It looked dark inside. There was no electricity on, just candles. There were a few cobwebs up near the vaulted ceiling, but the place was clean. I knocked ag…

Gangster Vs. Train - A Bloody Death

I didn't think I would ever tell anyone this story, but I can't just keep it in any longer. I suppose the Internet is as anonymous as it is going to get, and the chances of anyone who knew me then seeing this now would be next to nothing. You see, this isn't your typical ghost or goblin story. This is a story of fear, shock, and death.

When I was 12 years old, I hung out with some really bad people. I lived just outside of a neighborhood where the low riders and the black gangsters ruled. We lived right around the corner from a convenience store where my friend and I would hang out until late hours of the night, but usually we went home before all of the really bad people started trolling. Then one night stupidity struck and we decided to play a trick on our mothers. I told my mom that I was going to stay the night at my friend's house and she told her mom that she was going to stay at my house. What we did instead was just hang out behind the convenience store while …

Death by Dark Web Feederism (old)

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Terrifying Black-Eyed Kids Story

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Creepy, Perverted Teacher - A True Story

During the early 80s we had a teacher's strike in Northern California. I remember our geography teacher telling us that she was going to be hitting the picket line and that whoever was taking her place would be running the show. Of course, I was in 9th grade and realizing that we were going to have our teachers replaced by those less experienced sounded like a huge party to me.
On the way home on the bus that day, I was excited. My mother was working out of the home so I could go home and prepare for our devious teenage plans for school. While staring out of the window on the bus thinking up a great scheme, I saw this strange guy walking down the highway.
We lived in a suburban area of a bigger city. They called the town Larkfield, but at that time, our address was still in Santa Rosa. It was rare to see a stranger walking in town let alone down the highway. Old Redwood Highway used to be the main highway which traveled to Windsor and then Heal…

It Lives Within! One Adult's Scary Experience With Whopping Cough

It Lives Within!
You're walking through the park and someone sneezes a few feet away, or maybe it was the handle on the door you touched when the last person wiped his nose and didn't use a tissue. Or maybe someone coughed without covering her mouth. However it got there, a little single celled monster is there waiting in the wind.

You breathe in on a sunny day and that clever little creature gets sucking into your body and finds a warm, comfortable home inside the fuzzy little hairs in your lungs.

For awhile, he remains quiet and ready to strike when he knows it is time to find another host, but for now he is lonely and wants to party deep inside the warmth of your body. You feel a little cold coming on--oblivious to his plans. Your nose runs, your throat hurts. It's nothing a little bit of cold medicine won't cure then it's gone--or so you think!

The invader begins to colonize in your body as your cold comes to a rest. It's friends multiply and begin to pois…

Ghost Story: The Morning Visitor

I had this supervisor, Kate. One day, we had a discussion that turned into the unexplained, and she told me about something that happened when she was a teenager. She tries to debunk crazy things that have happened, but this is one she hasn't been able to do. It was the summer after she graduated from high school, sometime in the second half of the 1990's. She was 18 at the time. Her friend Billy was a few years older, but still lived with his mother in their house. This was in a small city in Western Maryland, and Billy's house had just enough land that he could throw raging, day-to-night summer parties complete with bonfires. At the same time, they weren't totally isolated, and random people from the surrounding neighborhoods would show up to his parties all the time. One day, Billy met this skater kid named Nick at a park one morning, and being a social animal guy, Billy invited him to hang out with him at his house. Billy probably also took some pity on Nick, becaus…