True Story of Kids Being Abducted by Aliens

For years my two older boys were haunted by what we might now consider an alien presence. It all started when my first born was 3 years old and singing song that went "dee dee da" yet he was way beyond the speaking skills of a 3 year old. I asked him what dee dee da. I thought might want me to buy the song he's singing, but instead of giving a name he said dee dee da would take him up in a spaceship through his wall.

A little disturbed by this, I just ignored it and figured maybe he had a dream or something, but then one night he came out of his room while I was watch the intro to the X-Files and upon showing the picture of the zeta reticuli alien, he says "THAT IS DEE DEE DAW!"

Note that he usually is asleep at that time and hadn't seen X-Files before that. I would usually put him to bed an hour before it started. So this picture he sees is new to him. At this point strange things started happening. We never weeded the backyard so the weeds were always really tall, yet one day when I went back there to grab something the weeds were all pushed down in a circle. Kind of like one of those crop circles. Unfortunately, this was in 1993, before all of  the digital camera hype or I would have grabbed a picture of it.

We then move to a bigger house because I was pregnant and we needed a nursery. When my new baby was about 6 months old, my older son comes in and tells me he's scared so I let him climb into bed with me. Then I heard it. The low hum of what I thought at first was the heater kicking in. I listened for moment because it sounded more electrical than just the furnace. A few moments later, the furnace starts.

I'm wondering what it might be, yet I couldn't pinpoint the noise. It was all over the house. I turned off the heater and within a few moments the furnace stops, but the hum is still there. I go outside to look and see if there was a car or something with a problem and the fog was like pea soup. I could barely see a few feet in front of me. The sound was directly above our house yet I couldn't see anything. I ran back into the house and grabbed the baby from the nursery and stayed awake for hours while the boys slept beside me until the sound went away.

There was never an explanation for that night. My son has told me various versions of the Dee Dee Daw story and even one night when the youngest started babbling he watched my shadow as I was walking into his room and he started saying Be Baw Be Baw Be Baw. It could just have been babbling or maybe not?

My kids are older now. The oldest denies the stories and says they were probably just nightmares and doesn't like to talk about them. I've also always wondered what the little perfectly round spot of white hair is that he has on the lower left corner of his head. You can't see it when he grows his hair out because the top layers cover it, but when it is short there is a perfectly round circle of white hair that is about dime sized. I guess I will never know.


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