Night of the Living Dead - The Original

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Have you ever seen Night of the Living Dead? I know it isn't a spooky story from my readers, but I don't think any channel would be complete without at least this and Dracula (coming soon.)

These videos are out of copyright according to The New York Times and other sources.

If you've never seen Night of the Living Dead, it was made in 1968. At the time the copyright law said you needed to put a copyright symbol somewhere on the title or on the film and they hadn't done it. There have been so many copies made of this video that I'm sure it is all over the place. I did need to remove some of the music and according to YouTube they did that for me.

It's your typical zombie gets up and eats people video. A bit creepier than most.


UPDATE:! I WON! If you ever get a notice on something on youtube that you KNOW you have the right to publish FIGHT them about it. The company that claimed the copyright removed their complaint after I outed them.

Here is the story:

WELL - I thought it would be fun to add Night of the Living Dead, but it seems some scammer company from India that is possibly connected to bollywood is trying to claim copyright. There is no way they own copyright of Night of the Living Dead. I can see that some of the music might be copyrighted as it is used in other movies so I removed it, but the I had a claim by some obscure user called TheCinema2013 which linked to the Indian channel Box Tube with some really crappy Indian made movies on it. The first time they claimed they owned about 20 minutes of the movie and the second time they claimed they owned 2 minutes. Now, usually this is automated so if it really was automated I would think the time would be the same. I bet the scammers are paying some poor soul a buck an hour to sit there and report people.

Anyway, a company connected to "bollywood" claiming copyright. Imagine that. Gee, I wonder how they came up with THAT name!?!? So I wanted to bring you movies that were out of copyright, but I guess I can't do it  because I am not giving money to their crime. Youtube allows you to keep the movie up but then monetizes the money and gives it to the criminal pretending the copyright is there. They're skimming ads. Nope. Not from MY site. Sorry folks. Criminals always have to ruin it for someone.

UPDATE: I WON! They pulled their complaint after I outed them. YouTube needs to go through the complaints from that company and make sure they are not skimming ads from the top of other YouTubers.


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