Haunted by a Giant Cat Man Larkfield California

The Haunted House in Larkfield, California

Back in the 80s we lived in an older house in Larkfield, California. The structure of the home and by the trim of the doors and the locks on the windows indicate the home was made before 1935, but the property value is lumped with another home so it is impossible to tell without talking to the about the age of the house.

We lived in this house from when I was 12 years old until 17 years old. For 5 years my sister and I were haunted by whatever lived there before us.

The house was a 2 bedroom, 1 bath house with 2 rectangular rooms added to the wouthwest wall. There was a large attic, although we never went up there. The bathroom was at the back of the house between the kitchen and what my mom called her sewing room. It was the sewing room that was the creepiest place.

The temperature in the sewing room never heated to even close what it should have been. Even in the summer the room was cold. In some areas of the house we could see our breath.

There were times when we would have dust and debris come out of nowhere and fall down on us in a very small stream. There were no holes in the ceiling or spiderwebs carrying dust. When you looked up, there was no place where the dust was falling from. It was like it was coming from mid-air.

One day my brother's friend was sitting in the chair diaganlly and across the house from the sewing room. The house had an open design and looked like the living room and master bedroom were added on later. As he sat in the living room, this grown man started to act like a scared child. He said he a yellow cat who stood like man walking from the bathroom and into the sewing room. Of course, there was nothing there.

Late at night my cat, who always protected me like dog, would sit on my chest as I drifted off to sleep and some nights she would sit at the window and just growl. Nothing was outside. Then one day when my sister and her friend were playing cards, her friend stopped talking and turned scared white. She got up from the table and grabbed a large knife and went over to the southwest wall where a second room was added to the home, but they never removed the window. She claimed she had seen a ghost standing on the outside of the window between the two walls.

My sister and I would also get really long scratches from nowhere on our bodies. This would happend under our clothes. They were like cat scratches, but there was no way my cat did it.


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