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Night of the Living Dead - The Original

Watch Night of the Living Dead FREE ONLINE!

Have you ever seen Night of the Living Dead? I know it isn't a spooky story from my readers, but I don't think any channel would be complete without at least this and Dracula (coming soon.)

These videos are out of copyright according to The New York Times and other sources.

If you've never seen Night of the Living Dead, it was made in 1968. At the time the copyright law said you needed to put a copyright symbol somewhere on the title or on the film and they hadn't done it. There have been so many copies made of this video that I'm sure it is all over the place. I did need to remove some of the music and according to YouTube they did that for me.

It's your typical zombie gets up and eats people video. A bit creepier than most.


UPDATE:! I WON! If you ever get a notice on something on youtube that you KNOW you have the right to publish FIGHT them about it. The company that claimed the copyright removed their comp…

True Story of Kids Being Abducted by Aliens

For years my two older boys were haunted by what we might now consider an alien presence. It all started when my first born was 3 years old and singing song that went "dee dee da" yet he was way beyond the speaking skills of a 3 year old. I asked him what dee dee da. I thought might want me to buy the song he's singing, but instead of giving a name he said dee dee da would take him up in a spaceship through his wall.

A little disturbed by this, I just ignored it and figured maybe he had a dream or something, but then one night he came out of his room while I was watch the intro to the X-Files and upon showing the picture of the zeta reticuli alien, he says "THAT IS DEE DEE DAW!"

Note that he usually is asleep at that time and hadn't seen X-Files before that. I would usually put him to bed an hour before it started. So this picture he sees is new to him. At this point strange things started happening. We never weeded the backyard so the weeds were always re…

Haunted by a Giant Cat Man Larkfield California

The Haunted House in Larkfield, California

Back in the 80s we lived in an older house in Larkfield, California. The structure of the home and by the trim of the doors and the locks on the windows indicate the home was made before 1935, but the property value is lumped with another home so it is impossible to tell without talking to the about the age of the house.
We lived in this house from when I was 12 years old until 17 years old. For 5 years my sister and I were haunted by whatever lived there before us.
The house was a 2 bedroom, 1 bath house with 2 rectangular rooms added to the wouthwest wall. There was a large attic, although we never went up there. The bathroom was at the back of the house between the kitchen and what my mom called her sewing room. It was the sewing room that was the creepiest place.
The temperature in the sewing room never heated to even close what it should have been. Even in the summer the room was cold. In some areas of the house we could see our breath.

Hidden Lakes Ghost Saves 4 Year Old Boy