Small Leather Gloves - A Short Horror Story Written by Spooky Boo

The carnival. A place of happiness and carefree laughter. The place where children and parents laugh and ride the carnival rides while getting a thrill of a lifetime. It is also a place where the degenerate and creepy hide so that others may not find them.

We all know the stories about clowns and carnies. Well, we think we know the stories of clowns and carnies. Most of the tales are made up lies. MOST of them. Some of the clowns and carnies are different. Usually derelicts in their time. Anyone will hire a carnie because they can travel and move on with the fair. Most of them have a past and cannot find a normal job or career.

I know a lot about carnivals because I grew up with one. I moved from city to city with my father--watching the other kids play with their friends and parents while I sat alone without friends. There weren't many kids who traveled with us so I was all alone. My dad taught me reading, writing, and math. He was really good with history. When high school roll…

Sponsored Tiers on Vidme, Blog Changes, and Less YouTube

I know, I've been going through a lot of changes, but that comes with growth. Recently YouTube stopped monetizing and ranking videos they think should be censored. Unfortunately, this hurt a lot of people. They don't give people the option to make money on their censored videos, youtube simply makes them more difficult to find. YouTube doesn't just do this for NSFW videos, which personally I believe should be less available to kids, but for youtube to censor the political and opinion blogs ON EITHER SIDE makes me angry.

My videos, however, are not about politics. Most of the videos I create are probably around a rating where a 13 to 17 year old on up could be watching, which is good because you are supposed to be 13 on YouTube. Of course, we all know this doesn't happen. The videos I create are about horror stories that either I, or someone else, have written. Most of these stories are not in the NSFW category.

While I agree with freedom speech, I do believe in prote…

Changes Because of YouTube's New Anti-Free Speech Policies

YouTube has taken some draconian measures to fight bigotry and hate. While I agree that people who are racist are completely ignorant and rude, I also believe in free speech. I believe that no matter how crazy a person's ideals are, that person has the right to say so. This really isn't what this is all about.
YouTube has recently teamed up with a couple of organizations who pretty much have a one-sided view of what people should be watching and doing. YouTube is creating technology that automatically places movies into what I call "Purgatory" - they are neither in heaven of being viewed and monetized nor are they in hell when they are removed or demonetized. These videos cannot find a place with the already callous advertisers who are sometimes ok with certain movies and shows on tv that are far worse than anything seen on YouTube, but when it comes to the individuals on YouTube, these advertisers are not very friendly with certain types of content. To keep these ad…

Gaze by KillaHawke1

Scary Black-Eyed Kids Stories That Are True

Created from stories on this blog. Enjoy!

Stephen King's IT Trailer


I noticed that several youtubers are trying to pass off the "Official Stephen King's IT Trailer #2" as an official trailer, but you can tell by the sound they have just chopped up the first one and redid it. I checked Warner Brothers' channel and there isn't a second trailer that I know of. How do people get away with this? If I did this, I would get a copyright flag.


 Are you going to see "IT" ???

What did you think of the first one? Did you read the book? I did both and I loved both the movie and the book.

This is even better than the new trailer. lol

True Scary Stories | The BEKs Knew I was at the Door!

Sent in via anonymous email.

About a year ago I was home alone doing my homework when there was a knock at the door. My dog started flipping out and jumping up and down next to the door. I figured that it was someone with a dog as well so I quietly walked up to the door to see what was going on before opening it.

I looked through the peephole and saw the strangest two teens I had ever seen. They looked like they were Amish or something with bowl haircuts and old clothes. There was something off about them though. It was that they kept looking down.

I didn't say a word, but somehow they knew I was there. The first one who looked like a girl says, "May we come in?"

How the hell did she even know I was there? She wasn't even looking up at the peep hole and I hadn't made a sound.

The boy then said, "May we used your phone?"

I started to panic. They sounded almost like robots. I kept staring out the peep hole when they both look up and the girl says, "O…